The unboxing of a brand new Kilted Coaches hoodie

Coach Rab orders himself a nice new Kilted Coaches hoodie and, since he needs a slightly larger size but isn’t that tall, he tests the waters with the sizing. Will it fit? Watch and see. If you would like to buy some Kilted Coaches merchandise check it out by following this link;




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Right, we’ve got an exciting one this morning my pack arrived. So, I ordered a hoodie from our website I think it must have been last week actually I’m not 100% impressed with the delivery time it’s maybe only been five days but in this day and age it should come next day.

Right, so I’ve got my hoodie I don’t know what it’s going to be like I’m going to head down to studio and meet Coach Stephen and then we can do a little bit of an unboxing and see what this bad boy’s like.

Right, I’m almost at the studio unboxing time no idea what this is going to be like but I’m very very excited going to meet up with Coach Stephen. Right, let’s get ourselves in here. Sounds like he’s pumping iron. Waaaay, how we doing, sir?


It’s unboxing time!



Oh, happy days, have you opened it?

Does it look like I’ve opened it?

Oh nice.

Will we set the camera up just plonk it down on the bench?


Just shuffle shuffle get in show. Right, let’s see what this bad boy’s like. Just as well it was what I ordered, right? Be like some suspenders or something be like eh “they’re not mine”. Oh, yes.


Look at that bad boy.

That is nice, nicely done, right?

Just pop that on let’s see if I’ve got the size right. I ordered a large.

I was away to say what size did you order?

I went for a large but you never know with some brands sometimes you need an extra large.


We’re going to find out, right?

I might be getting this,

Moment of truth.

Did you order a large?

Yup, I ordered a large T-shirt.

Oh, now we’re talking.

That is nice, look at that.

Just pull them out there we are.

Happy days.

So, what do you think? Ready to do the Vogue walk. Is it vogue? and this season’s hoodie although it’s out of season because it’s now summer.

Rab’s, out of season hoodie.

For those early morning runs when the dew is on the grass.

Don’t forget to walk away and then look over your shoulder, of course.

That’s it.

It worked.

They’re not bad, right?