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Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields are Personal Trainers from Perth, Scotland and have spent the last 13 years getting clients fitter, stronger and leaner.

Observing within the industry extreme dieting, unrealistic training regimes and unusually high depression rates they realised that so many people were missing the 'Health' in Health & Fitness.

The Kilted Coaches mission is simple. To bring back HEALTH AND HAPPINESS to as many people as possible across the globe.

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

“As a man in his 50s I found it very difficult to achieve a respectable weight. Since training with The Kilted coaches I have been slowly building my core strength and losing excess fat and gaining muscle. Their check-ins ensure I take regular exercise and keeps me motivated, something I found very difficult to do on my own. No hesitation in recommending The Kilted Coaches as your solution to getting in shape and staying there.”

Mike Thomson Client

These guys are more than just coaches. They are mentors, a huge part of my support network and now friends.

Claire Client

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