Your Health and Happiness is created through Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition (LEaN).  Join Stephen and Rab today on The Kilted Coaches app and be EverLEaN.


All you need for our EverLEaN program is 2 x Kettlebells

What Size Kettle Bell? +

The size of your kettlebells will be completely dependent on your fitness level and your exercise history.

For beginners we recommend the following.


Females = 2 x 8kg

Males = 2 x 12kg

You can buy these from most sports stores, large supermarkets and online.

"We believe in training hard, eating healthy nutritious food but having fun and allowing for life along the way. Relax and ensure you enjoy your lifestyle rather than making yourself miserable trying to achieve some unrealistic goal." 

Stephen & Rab, The Kilted Coaches




All your programs, lessons and coaching can be accessed from the website or in our convenient app.


When you sign up you will automatically join EverLEaN, our 12-week Body Transformation Program. This guides you through progressive exercise program, nutrition coaching & diet creation and mindset training to keep you motivated and understanding your brain.

You will also have instant access to our workout Library although we recommend you ignore that until you get to the end of EverLEaN.

You also have two other programs available that can be added to your account upon request. The LEaN Bulk program designed for those who want to improve their muscle strength and or size. And the LEaN Runner Program for those who want to be the best runner they can be.

You'll get everything you need to log in emailed over to you and if you would like to cancel at any time either cancel your PayPal payments OR email and we'll take care of it for you.

After you finish the 3 month EverLEaN Program you can start to work through our workout library to keep your training fresh and your body guessing. The key to long term success.


  • I love this program, the community, and the leadership from you guys.  It is easily the best program I've been a part of (and I've tried a LOT).  It doesn't throw you head first into super intense workouts, but transitions you into it.  It works with everyday life (because we can't all spend hours and hours at the gym), and it holds you accountable. I am so glad I found this program.  It's changed my perspective and attitude and my fitness level is probably at it's best. Thanks guys,
    Rebeca Davis EverLEaN Clan member
  • I have been able to get off my depression medication since I been on this great program and now I am getting off my blood pressure medication. I took my blood pressure medication yesterday and felt light headed. Took my blood pressure this morning and it is 92/68! So I am not taking my blood pressure medication. I will continue keep a check on my blood pressure.  This is a great program and I am getting healthy and happy on it! Thanks Kilted Coaches! 
    Brent Clayton EverLEaN Clan member
  • Awesome program!! 6 weeks in on the Kilted Coaches EverLEaN Plan and I am still loving it! Nutrition & fitness taught in a way that's easy to understand and for all levels, so I haven't felt overwhelmed or left behind. And the motivation from the Coaches and Clan members is amazing! I'm losing inches and getting fitter.. and with views of Scotland, kilts & a wicked sense of humor thrown in, joining was the best decision ever! Thanks!
    Sharon Hunt EverLEan Clan member
  • I love this programme - the Kilted Coaches are great - what I really like is their fresh approach to getting fit and healthy and the fun and down to earth way they present the programme - I also love the mindset presentations as this is a large percentage of what you need to get right - get that and the rest falls into place - also the support from the other ‘Clan’ members is amazing - it is nice to have others on the same journey - since being on the programme I have got my fit back after being away from training for over 6 months, I am back to a place I thought I would never see again - thanks guys
    Lesley Hall EverLEaN Clan member
  • I’ve been a very active most of my adult life but just over a year ago I found myself recovering from shoulder surgery. That’s when I found the Kilted Coaches.  Their programs turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.  I was able to fully recover physically, became stronger and lost 25 pounds in the process. But I didn’t do it alone. This program is as good as what you pour into it and the community the Kilted Coaches have fostered is there to cheer you on, share useful tips and encourage you when you need accountability.  We feel like we are in it together.  Stephen and Rab have become our mentors, their programs make it fun to stay fit and the community helps you stick to the damn plan!
    Luis Balaguer EverLEaN Clan member



Having had a previous career in the British Armed Forces, playing numerous sports, self experimentation and over 10,000 hours of personal training I know what works... and what doesn’t!

Being the best you can be means more than just looking good. It means unlocking your physical potential, nurturing your health through good nutrition & functional movement and making sense of your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Stephen in one sentence….

Fitness, Family and Fun, not necessarily in that order.


Everyone already knows how awesome Rab is but he'll wrote something specific about it soon and you'll be able to read it here.


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$99each month
For those with serious commitment to change
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All the same features as the Clan but with the added benefit of private two-way messaging with Stephen and Rab for accountability and extra coaching when needed. No trial period available.

  • Ongoing Monthly cost - $99