Pivot Towards Pleasure

Pivot Towards Pleasure, There are two different things that drive us to take action, the avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure.  These can come in many different shapes and sizes, these being physical, emotional or mental.  It is only when you experience any of these that you then try to avoid it.  If this is a common occurrence, something in your life needs to change in order for this not to happen.

We are big believers of the subconscious and if you are constantly avoiding pain, then your subconscious will continuously see that pain and that is ultimately where you will end up!  So at some stage you are going to have to ‘pivot’ away from the avoidance of pain and towards the seeking of pleasure.
The avoidance of pain will create the first action but as soon as you are away from that pain then set your sights on the pleasure hat you are seeking.
Some examples of avoiding pain might be :
•weight loss
•financial difficulties
Avoiding pain is far more common, powerful and very important.  It’s also important to know when to pivot towards seeking pleasure.
So start now and try identify areas of your life where you are avoiding pain. Identify these and then find the opposites so that you are now seeking pleasure instead. This will make a huge difference to your life and your overall happiness.
Seek pleasure today and start feeling happier.