What supplements are worth taking?

With so many supplements available it’s hard to know which are good, which are bad and which are down-right dangerous. The sad truth is people and companies just want your money. The Kilted Coaches give you there light-hearted take on which supplements are good and for what reason with some solid advice to act on.

















We are The Kilted Coaches and we’re going to give you a little nutrition chat today

So, today we’re going to talk a little bit about supplements. Stephen, do you use any supplements yourself?

I actually do use supplements

Right, what supplements do you go for?

I personally use Vitamin D, I use Omega-3’s, I sometimes use magnesium depending on what my diet’s like and I also use protein.

Do you use supplements?

I use supplements I use protein powder although I try to get most of my protein from steak in a bowl

The first one I go for is my Vitamin D because we live in Scotland.

Now you’ve got your Omega-3’s now Omega-3’s again something that is so so important but most people will supplement with 3, 6 and 9, but actually our diet in the Western World is actually so high in Omega-6 already that we actually need to try and balance it out with Omega-3 therefore that is why I supplement with Omega-3. If you’re eating oily fish on a daily basis then you probably don’t need to supplement with Omega-3 but I’ll have oily fish maybe once a week not really enough to balance that out therefore I supplement.

And do you feel that a lot of people rely on, I’m just going to use myself as an example apart from my steak in a bowl, do you think a lot of people rely on their whey protein to supplement? And do you think that’s a good thing? Bad thing?

In my experience people just rely way too much on whey and in my experience people just take pill after pill after pill because they believe some sort of advert and let’s face it most people do just take pills because they believe it’s going to do a certain thing

They’re trusting that they’re getting every bit of nutrient that it says on the packet but like I’ve said with that picture of that grating you’re not necessarily absorbing everything, some of the better pills I believe absorb, some of the better brands.

Absolutely. The bottom line is eat real food, fresh meat, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, anything that’s really natural.

I guess you’ve got to balance it out and remember that it’s a supplement and not a replacement because I’ve fallen into that trap where you’re very busy it’s very easy to just reach for a shake, even these protein bars as well.

One of my main gripes is meal replacement. Don’t eat real food just eat our supplement now how often have you heard that? Lose weight now.
Lose weight now, stop eating food and just drink our supplement, bad idea don’t do it.

Get your kilt on and eat some wholesome food.