The ONLY supplement will ever need!

The Kilted Coaches bring to you the one and ONLY supplement you will ever need for eternal weight loss. Two scoops of this bad boy and the perfect body will be within reach!




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There are many fat loss supplements out there.

From cinnamon, green tea extract, even fat loss pills.

But there’s only one that really really works.

This supplement has been scientifically proven –

Using this exact formula.

-this supplement will help you shed 10lbs of fat every single month.

Don’t believe us? The science doesn’t lie.

So what is this supplement we talk about?


Let’s have a look at some of the ingredients on the back here. Nutritional facts;

Zero calories. Zero fat. Zero carbs. Zero cholesterol.

What does it have?

It has 200g of awesomeness.

1000mg of pure testosterone derived from the sweat of a champion gorilla,

And it has 200g of Burt Reynolds DNA.

Because Chuck Norris just doesn’t cut it anymore.

or Clint Eastwood.

But just don’t ask how we got Burn Reynolds DNA.

Now let’s face it everyone knows a few things that we could or should be doing to get into better shape but you’re just not doing them.

It could be drinking more water, eating more vegetables or doing more exercise.

So, if you already know a few things that you should be doing but you’re not yet you’re still complaining about your body shape then you need to…


Are you the guy that can’t get out of his bed early enough to have a nice early breakfast?

Then you need to MAN THE FUCK UP.

Do you find yourself saying things like I know I should be eating more like that but I just don’t like vegetables.

There’s thousands of vegetables and millions of ways to prepare them we don’t believe for one second that you just don’t like vegetables.


Being in the best shape possible you’re always looking at a combination of regular exercise and great nutrition.

The only way you can apply that to your life is if you MAN THE FUCK UP.

If you’re suffering from whingy bitch syndrome.

Or are struggling to get up in the morning to have a nice healthy  breakfast or

for whatever reason you just don’t like vegetables then you need to take two scoops of man the fuck up.

So that you can stick to the damn plan. Man the fuck up.