Supersetting chest workout with The Kilted Coaches

When you want to have an effective workout but you don’t have time, supersetting, might be the answer for you. This chest workout from The Kilted Coaches shows you the benefits of supersetting your workout…follow along at home as they pump some Scottish girders!!!









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So, time for another workout and this time we’re supersetting to save time.

Supersetting to save time, so, supersetting is fantastic, the old one used to be you could work two exercises one right after the other but you can make it three, four. They used to be things called giant sets but not it’s just across the board they’re just super sets.

So today we’re going to go for chest.

Going to get the chest pumped up.

Those mirror muscles once they get pumped up they look much better in the mirror and you feel good.

Some of the ways you can superset, you can either superset the same muscle group together which gets a really deep workout, right?

Yeah it gets a really good pump on the muscles so it really kind of expands and makes you feel good.

Or, you can superset the opposing muscles that would be chest with back.

There’s a few different ways of working it what are we going to do today, Rab?

Well we’re going to put in a little bit of chest, obviously we’ve said that about five times already. Bench Press, I’m going to go a little bit heavy today I’m going to go for reps of five just because I’ve been doing a lot of high reps lately and I just fancy reducing the reps and going for a bit of a strength routine whereas, Stephen.

I prefer sets of ten, makes me feel much better and that’s really kind of a bit of philosophy about training that we kind of want to get across there’s never a one size fits all programme, we go through phases and the bottom line is we like a relaxed lifestyle we don’t ever take anything too seriously and we enjoy training but we kind of just say what do we fancy doing? What do we want to work today? Rab, prefers his strength training for five reps, I prefer sort of more hypertrophy training, I get more of a pump on doing sets of ten.

Then we’re going to take it into the more gymnastic rings, gymnastics rings they’re great, good range of motion, a lot of stabilization of the muscles in there, a little bit of the core, whenever I do these movements I’m like, wow.

Yeah whenever you start using gymnastic rings, all we do is press ups on them let’s be fair, so when you’re watching the Olympics and you see these guys doing these crucifix positions, incredible physics, doing these incredible things, wow, their strength to weight ratio is amazing, isn’t it?

Maybe we should try and get a gymnastic coach in. I think I could maybe hold my weight for about five seconds and then I would dislocate my shoulders.

If anybody knows any gymnasts or gymnastic coaches let us know, get them in touch so we can ask them a few questions and they can maybe take us for a workout.

One of the benefits that, Stephen, rightly said earlier is that supersetting saves time.

Yea, yeah, traditionally if you do weight-training people say do 3 sets of ten or sets of twelve or it might be you do an exercise and you rest, you do an exercise and you rest, you obviously want to fatigue the muscle so you go on and you do multiple exercises, supersettings a great way of ramping up the intensity, right up, ramping up the intensity and getting a lot of exercises done in a short space of time so you save loads of time in the gym and let’s face it there are people out there who spend hours in the gym and it’s just not needed.

Quality not quantity.

Right, matey,

That’s my coffee nearly finished so.

Let’s get stuck in.

First working set 90kg bench press followed by 20 press-ups.

Let’s get stuck in.

My first set 110 for five followed by 20 press-ups. I’ve said it out loud now so it’s kind of committed.

You have to do it.

Stick to the damn plan.

How was that, matey?

It sucked man.

It was your idea.