Speed Ladders In A Kilt

The Kilted Coaches take you through a workout you can complete using a speed ladder. Speed ladders are an excellent way to get the fast twitch muscle fibres working. A speed ladder is fairly cheap OR you can even make your now either using string or good old fashioned chalk!

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Welcome to another episode of The Kilted Coaches down under [laughter]

Throw another shrimp on the barbie [laughter]

Yeah we’re not in Australia.

And that was a terrible accent that was poor wasn’t it?

From me or you?

From me, yours wasn’t that bad.

Right, today we’re going to bring you some speed ladder variations.

Yeah so the idea of speed ladders is to activate your fast twitch muscle fibres.

Now if you’re into training that might make some sense to you, if you’re not it’s ok.

it’s a good way of doing cardio in a small space, you can purchase one these for £8.

They’re not expensive at all.

You could get some chalk on hard ground and draw one in if you wanted.

Yeah, yeah, if you’ve got a path or some kind or even a concrete patch you can draw your own speed ladder.

The idea behind a speed ladder or any kind of speed drills is to activate the fast twitch muscle fibres to work your muscles in a completely new way. By saying new way most people do cardio slow steady pace even some resistance training people do in a slow controlled manner. What we’re looking for is explosive energy.

So this routine will give you some good variations some of them are lower impact that others, we’ll build them up, won’t we? Some of them are a little bit complicated to help your dancing too [laughter].

Can’t help my dancing. Listen, I like to think I’m pretty good with the speed ladder I am not good at dancing.

Right well let’s muscle up buttercup.

Let’s get stuck in.

Right so we’re going to explain a few drills for you I’m going to show you from a few different angles just to make it a little more obvious what we’re doing then we’ll show you the full routine together. Coach Rab is going to demonstrate for you.

First drill is nice and simple we keep things simple to start with. It’s just one foot in each box. There we are, ok? And we go all the way through again one foot in each box. Then we just build it up then we do two feet in each box. There we are nice and slow to start with then it’s like lightening. There we are. Like we said the aim of this is to keep things as quick as you possibly can fast twitch muscle fibres.

The third drill Coach Rab is going to be out to the side and back in then up. [laughter]

Four feet. Out, Out, In, In.

Then we just keep going like this.


There we are, back down again.

So next is the little firm favourite of people form their childhood, Hopscotch.

[inaudible] [laughter]

Nearly flashing your arse there, mate. Right, next one we’ve got from the side of the ladder this time is both feet in, then both feet out, you’re always putting your leading foot in first. There we are. Leading with the opposite leg coming all the way back again.

Excellent. So, there is five simple drills for you there’s plenty more if you want some more variations have a look on Youtube [laughter]. There’s plenty more drills you can do some research however if you’re new to them start with these ones and you just go as fast as your legs can carry you.

Let’s get stuck in.