Resistance Band and Kettlebell Workout with The Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches give you a workout you can do with very little space utilising a resistance band and a kettle bell. Utilising the space and the equipment you have can allow you to have a killer workout. The Kilted Coaches have put together a simple routine that you can follow along with at home.











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So this week’s workout

As promised for Mr. Greg Ridgeway.

So, Greg, works in a food van I believe, isn’t it?

Yeah, yeah, so, Greg, contacted us he’s got a little nice French food van and his main problem is he is there all day he has no way of getting to a gym for exercising so he asked us for some advice.

Yup so we though we’ll put him together a workout that will use minimal equipment that he can keep in his van, yup anything stored in a wee bag of any kind.

Like a sporran.

Granted we don’t know the exact dimensions of his van we’re going to work in a small space hopefully the exercises will work. We’ll get a good pump on and he can do this once or twice a day if he fancies it.

Yup like we said we’re going to use minimal equipment, we’re going to run through each of these exercises and then we’ll show you it in a nice routine.

We’re going to put together one set of the whole routine which you can then repeat twice, three, even four times, right?

Yup, yup, the number of reps will depend on how heavy your kettle bells are and how strong your bands are.

How heavy are your kettle bells?

Right, you get two different types of bands first of all, you get some with handles, which are a thick tubular rubber.

And then this is the other type of band you can use for this workout.

This is a typical physio band that you can use for a lot of different types of exercises but they’re very handy and like you said they go into such a small space they’re very very easy to use.

So the first movement we worked off we were getting the delts fired up, ok?

Put one foot onto your band, side on, squeezing the core, we did a full rep to start with, all the way up and all the way down.

And the next part of the movement that you can do as well is a pulse rep where you hold it at the top.

Really gets the delts burning.

Keeps the time under tension up there.

That is nice and burning, obviously I used on foot on the band there, depending on how strong your band is, if you want to make it harder, you can step halfway down the band and obviously that’s much more difficult. If you’ve got a very very flexible band you could actually do both at the same time but my bands stronger than I am.

Whereas the band I have here it’s quite easy to put the band under one leg and pulse with two. It’s all just in the type of band that you have work to your equipment.

We’re just going to do the shoulders nice and fired up. Everyone likes nice and strong shoulders.

So next.

We’ll get a bit of the legs going with a bit of the biceps, ok.

Let’s squat with this one. We’re going to put both feet on the band I’m going to turn side on just to show you and what we’re looking for is we’re going to sink into the hips just a little bit just pushing your bum out behind you like so straight into getting the biceps working and we just get that rep going.

Again this use very minimal space just a foot around you really, isn’t it?

There we are.

We’re going to active the anterior part of the deltoid, this time we’re going to bring the arm out to the front. This is actually good for core as well. Squeezing in the abs.

That burns the shoulders.

While we have the band in our hands we’re going to work off the triceps movement.

Single-arm. Because I’ve done this a few times I know roughly where I want to have the tension depending on how close you take it will dictate how heavy or how strong the band is going to be I know I need roughly half-way. All I’m going to do is put it behind my back and you can get a nice movement from there.

Good range there.

Another piece of equipment that you could use that doesn’t take up much room is a kettle bell. Now there’s lots of moves we’ve done in the past with a kettle bell but today we’re just going to do two movements. We’re going to do triceps first just cause similar movement that we’ve just done with the bands. Take it with two hands, safer to hold the heaviest part, ok? Take it down to the back of the shoulders and then all the way up locking out straight at the top, ok? Down and up. Now if you’ve got a decent weight bring down the reps but if you’ve got a lighter weight just rep it out until it burns.

The other movement we do with the kettle bell we do a lunge position again we’re going to get the legs fired up. If you’ve got enough room to step forward, if you don’t have enough room to step forward you’re in a pretty small space, we feel bad for you.

So, we’re going to bring the front knee forward roughly in line with the toes keeping his shoulders forward and we’re going to pulse keeping all that tension, keeping all way weight coming between both legs.

Really keep the shoulders back and core tight because what your body will do naturally when you start to tire is dropping forward you want to avoid doing that you want to stay upright nice and proud. Proud as.

And that’s it there that’s a very very  basic set of routine we’re going to put it together for you now into one set and it’s up to you. That covers the legs, the arms, the core, the shoulders, it’s a routine that you can just do again and again and again until you’re tired and that’s the main thought behind exercise is just make yourself tired, fatigue yourself and challenge your own comfort zone.

So, here’s the routine.

Let’s get stuck in.