Rabby’s Ramblings, Week beginning July 18th

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So we had an eventful weekend filming at the Scottish charity air ambulance and through a mixture of stupidity and basic school boy errors, we broke our camera. Basically we had the tripod set up on the runway in front of the helicopter and the wind blew really hard and knocked it over. The lens was FUBAR! Ok thats a little hyperbole.

But it looked bad.

It did, however, lead us on an awesome quest into town to a camera shop where a legend of a guy fixed the lens slightly so at least it was manageable and then even sold us an even better camera to go with it.


Ok back to business….

Monday’s release saw my favourite porridge to date go live. It was greek yoghurt with honey and I have definitely made this porridge many times since, granted with a few variations like blueberries etc. It is a damn tasty breakfast and one I would strongly recommend. The gimmick we put in may appeal to those fans of the move predator as we adorned our costumes and played the parts.
“Want some candy” is the quote of the episode.

Thursdays release was “getting active” and i’ll admit I don’t remember too much about this episode as we filmed it so long ago. You can always tell our earlier stuff as we don’t have our branded polo shirts on, and I’m sporting stubble rather than a beard.
I do, however, recall pledging to take part in a Zumba class which is quite possibly the most frightful thing I could possibly do in my life. I am no dancer by any means, however I’ve said it out loud now and am committed to it.

Sniff, my street credit (if I had any to begin with) will be gone.

It’s getting close to the end of the month again and that means an extended episode coming soon. This will include an ‘out and about,’ a farm visit and even a foodie part with a leg end of a chef!! (yes I deliberately said Leg End)

So anyway, the sun has been shining a little this week so my farmers tan is looking awesome!! Rain soon followed but such is the weather in Scotland.

Until next week.

Kilted Coach Rab