Rabby’s Ramblings Week beginning 22nd August


So that’s another week in the bag and seven days closer to ‘Kiltember.’

Already we have received donations both through our just giving page HERE and also in our collection tubs. What is incredible is that, officially, we haven’t even begun yet!!!


I am Kilted Coach Rab and you are reading my ramblings for the week that was. If I could sum it up it would be simply this…nakedness sells.

It’s sad but true.

In what I would describe as one of our weaker videos, mostly because we were pretty damn hungover when we filmed it, our kilted camping porridge video quickly became our second most popular clip overnight and it was all down to our craic…sorry I meant our CRACK (S)

I suppose we could try to shift the blame as it was not our intention to have that particular image as the video thumbnail, but it’s done now and there we have it. Our bums draw more than our faces!!!! FACT!


This Thursday saw the release of ‘Haggis 2 archived footage” which was good fun to film. The black and white filter gives a real vintage look to the footage which we were happy about. We enjoyed wearing the bonnets so much we have even ordered and branded some of our own so watch this space for them! I particularly like the idea of wearing a hat since I’m getting a little thin on top

🙁 gotta get old sometime hey!


With the olympics finished it’s looking a little dry on the sporting front for now. We do have some rugby tests to look forward to but I believe they are still a few weeks away.

I’ll be honest in that I didn’t actually watch as much of the olympics as I perhaps managed in previous years. I think a part of me is a little jaded with all the drugs scandals going on in the world and particularly surrounding the olympics.

I’m all for a level playing field, but having read and watched ‘The armstrong lie’ I completely believe that a huge majority of top level athletes are at it and just hiding it well. There is an old saying that if you took the drugs out of sport all at the same time the champion would still be the champion.

Now, you could look at that one of two ways, firstly you could say that the champion is where he/she is because of the hard work, determination and training that separates the individual from the rest of the pack. The other way is that it suggests each and every one of those athletes is ‘enhanced’ in some shape or form and that by removing it all at once just restores the status quo.

I was discussing with a client the other day about when an athlete fails a drug test and then blames it on a dodgy medicine or supplement. And while that seemed plausible for Alan baxter in the winter olympics, having watched Lance armstrong’s confession, he basically said that when any of his team failed a test, the number one task was to seek out a supplement, medicine or any form of product that contained the banned substance in order to start creating your ‘honest alibi’

It’s sad as the athletes do sometimes seem genuine in their defence. So the conclusion that myself and my client came to was this, polygraph AFTER every failed test. Lets see if the person genuinely made a mistake or took it deliberately. This might discourage dishonesty, and by that I mean that when caught, an athlete my actually come clean and say “hey I took it this one time…”

Naturally that would never happen….

But going back to what I said earlier about a level playing field, lets take a look at worlds strongest man. There is no steroid testing in that, simply because we know they are all at it. There isn’t even an issue and we don’t question it. We enjoy seeing them lift heavy stuff and throw herculean weights around and they are still our heroes. We know they all train hard, eat well and put on a show. We respect what they do, admire their strength and tenacity, we sit comfortably in our chairs and hope we know one of these guys should the world be taken over by zombies. We admire the limits that they have each chosen to push the human form to, and because they are all doing it ‘enhanced’, it means that no one athlete has any other advantage over the other.

A level playing field.


I just find it hard to watch the olympics nowadays with that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach,  “Did he/she just set that record clean or not?” or “did my favourite athlete/hero just come second because the winner was juicing, or were they beat fair and square?”

Nobody likes deception on any level.

There was a comedian that suggested they should have the ‘drugged olympics’ saying, and I quote, “who wouldn’t wanna see a guy run the 100 metres in 6 seconds.”

To be honest, healthy morals not withstanding,  i’d pay to see that!!!

I actually would love, given that Usain Bolt retires next year (and I say this because I believe he is clean and a specimen rather than ‘enhanced’) I’d love it if they did a documentary on Bolt and gave him all the ‘gogo’ juice that athletes have been banned on in the past and see just how fast this remarkable man COULD go if pushed.

That alone would be a spectacle!!!!

Anyways I’ve rambled on enough tonight about more nonsense than usual. I hope you have worked hard this week and earned a relaxing two days off-health and happiness after-all.

Have a great weekend folks and don’t drink bleach!!

Kilted Coach Rab