Rabby’s Ramblings. Week of the 1st August


So this week felt like a long seven days!!!
Between maintaining my diet, filming, training and being slapped in the face by a fish, it’s all been rather exhausting.

Just for the record, it wasn’t just ANY fish, it was an exotic marigold rainbow trout. It was smiling too!!

I am Kilted Coach Rab and this is my ramblings on the week that was!
I always write these blogs on a Friday afternoon in my gap between clients and I sometimes question my creative juices at this point in the week.

I have a theory, that you only have so much ‘C-energy’ a day, so basically your creative stuff, your good ideas!! I first came across this concept when, back when I wrote a lot more, I had planned to do a huge and descriptive piece when I got home from work. All would be going to plan UNTIL I would meet a friend (not Stephen…I know what you’re thinking, SHOCKEROONI he has more than one mate) and this friend would ask my help with a problem, sometimes just to run an idea by me etc.

And what I found was, I emptied my ‘good idea’ piggy bank into their issue so by the time I got home and wanted to be creative…


It is in my nature to help people and don’t get me wrong, sometimes their issue would be rather interesting. But it was detrimental to my own goals. And so I started become rather protective of my creative good stuff!

Anyway, i’m rambling, but I wonder what this blog would be like if I wrote it first thing in the AM? Hmm food for thought.

I have actually just (unintentionally) put a smile on my face from two things i’ve written. “Friday,” and “AM,”

Which means only one thing to me…….

It’s almost Saturday.

Stephen Saturdays!!!!



I love my Saturday mornings. I spring out of bed at 5am, commando roll across the bedroom and cartwheel into the shower.

Then I somersault into the kitchen, judo chop my breakfast, backflip down to my car, wheel spin to get the coffees, skid to pick up my buddy and rally to the studio.

And then we walk in to train.

But when we walk, we walk to our own beat. I am talking bee gees “staying alive,’ here, Stephen and I marching like bosses for our 6am workout. (I should probably make a video of this)
We train till just before 7am, then we have our clan bootcamp, then we have breakfast (2nd breakfast, hobbits we are) and then we usually film.


Aww man i’m excited already. Throw in some steak in a bowl, chicken on a stick, peanut butter on a spoon and some gold bears and i’d die a happy boy!

Anyway focus Rabby.

So we released our air ambulance video this week and this is the prelude to ‘Kiltember,’ possibly the biggest charity event either of us have attempted to be honest.

If I thought I was tired now i’m sure i’ll be jallopied (‘JAA LOP EEED’ for anyone that isn’t on my wavelength) by then.

It will be quite exciting though as we have set ourselves the target of 7k which is roughly how much is costs to run the chopper for one whole day based on average call outs etc. It really is incredible the good work this Charity Air Ambulance does.
The end of the video had our usual gimmick and we would love nothing more than to get mr Schwarzenegger’s attention with it. Imagine he sent us a ‘GIVE TO THE CHOPPER’ piece, aww man that would be amazing.

Naturally my head is in the clouds but still, I can dream.

Ok, I have some steak in a bowl brewing so better eat. I didn’t really talk about our releases much this week but then Stephen’s newsletter kinda does that so you are just stuck with my nonsense.

Stay classy San diego!!

Kilted Coach Rab