rabby’s ramblings! Week beginning July 11th

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There should be a prize for the correct answer to what I am saying in this picture!


But anyway, Kilted Camping was AWESOME!!! The cheap tent I bought held out, we ate plenty protein, drank plenty whisky and had an all round great time. As per our style, we broke the rules and completely camped wild. Well, we ignored the ‘No Camping’ signs and found a quiet spot to pitch our tent. I do understand why they implement such rules, especially the ‘No camp fires’ but to me, camping is all about getting away from people and ‘Camp sites’ don’t address that issue at all.

In Scotland we have a ‘Right to roam” rule which allows us to pretty much wander anywhere we bloody well like. Harsh rule if you own land but not if you’re skint buggers like us. Kilted Camping just stretched that rule slightly, roaming where we liked and, oh look, we got tired and our tent just happened to give us shelter from the rain for awhile.
And boy did it rain!

It was seriously bloody wet, as can be expected in Scotland, but our awesome campfire held out and we felt like truly accomplished cave men.
Well, except without the cave!

Now that i’ve got the camping excitement out of the way, I can introduce this properly.

Hi folks, Kilted Coach Rab here with another page worth of rambling on The Kilted Coaches exploits this week.


Kicking off our Monday we released the mocha porridge episode and i’ll be honest, it’s not one I will be making again in a hurry. The oats did have a distinctly chocolatey taste through the cocoa powder which was quite nice I guess, and the dark chocolate on top tasted excellent, especially as it melted down into the oats. But honestly, I prefer my coffee in a mug.
We surpassed a few mile marks this week, firstly in clearing over a thousand views for our youtube channel and also our Instagram following is rising. Instagram is a an interesting one for me as I had never used it before but have been pretty surprised at just how well the hash tags work. The Kilted Coaches have now been making sure we take plenty of pictures when we are out and about and getting up to our nonsense.
Next up we released “haggis tossers,” and this was the beginning of what will hopefully be a trending hash tag one day!!! You saw it here first!!
No seriously though, this episode was the first of many “out and about workouts” that will become more frequent on our channel and will range in difficulty. At the moment we are aiming to encourage as many people to take up exercise as possible so for those seasoned athletes out there, hang in there for some tougher stuff! It is coming!!

The haggis tossing video did not come without its casualties. Both balls used in the video suffered small punctures and by the next morning they were nothing more than saggy plastic. We gave both balls a good send off and thanked them for their service. They have possibly been recycled now into some life saving equipment and sent to some random place on the planet to continue their service.


Well that’s it for another week. We have the Clan bootcamp early this Saturday morning and then we are going up to the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance to do a piece of filming there so fingers crossed there isn’t a call out and the chopper has to leave.

Yours with soggy shoes from camping.

Kilted Coach Rab