The power of KILT STRENGTH

Myth would have it that the Scots are so strong and fierce in battle due to energy, passion and strength stored within their kilts. The Kilted Coaches show you first hand…. IT’S NO MYTH!! The Kilted Coaches use their Kilt Strength to do some impressive bench press.









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Right, we’ve got my Canadian cousin over and we’re giving him a sample of Scotland, we’ve been telling him all about the kilt really.

Yeah we’ve been showing him a few sights of Scotland a bit of the history the heritage, a few other things and mainly the kilt came up. Why we wear a kilt?

I mean obviously apart from dress and formal wear especially for training. People ask us all the time why the hell we wear a kit to train it. But ultimately it comes down to kilt strength which this guy isn’t buying.

I don’t believe it.

Why else would we wear a kilt? It gives you extra strength.

Yeah but you see I don’t even train and I don’t think that would make any difference.

No but it does say if you were to put the kilt on the way the weave works and just the passion of Scotland that’s driven into each kilt when it’s made your strength will go right up.

Years of history and passion are stored within the kilts and that’s where the strength comes from.

Bullshit, I don’t believe it.

I’ll tell you what we should do take him back to the gym. Head back to the gym and we’ll show you first hand, we’ll give you a kilt and see your strength improve.

All right I’ll give it a shot.


Sure why not.

Let’s get going I was going to say let’s get stuck in.

Well let’s put this to the test, right?

We’re going to test the kilt strength.

Bit of bench press.

I’ll let you say it.

Let’s get stuck in. I’ll go first then I’ll show this boy how it’s done.

Let’s try it one handed. Two fingers. Pure kilt strength. It never gets easy.

See what I mean, incredible right?

I guess.

But watch this it gets better see once you know the tricks of the trade you know how to get the full power of the kilt.

He’s going to show off now.

Ready for this? Watching this? You did two fingers, Kilt Strength, kilt strength. You think this is impressive, watch this.


And that is the true power of the kilt.

What do you think of that?

I don’t believe it.

You don’t believe it? Well you’re wearing a kilt get on there.

Let’s get stuck in. You’ll be fine, Canadian Bacon.

Ok. Oh wow. I’m feeling stronger already.

I’m going to try one hand.

One more. OK, that’s it. Amazing. Awesome.

Well there we have it, you didn’t believe us did ya?

No man but I’m sold it worked. It really worked.

Yeah there we go years of heritage in a kilt you’ve got the strength now, never take it off.

You can keep that one.

Really? Thank you, thank you, I will. This is awesome.

Well putting on a kilt is not the only tradition we have in Scotland, taking one off is as well.

No, I’m keeping mine on.