“It’s OK to feel fear” – Mindset Monday

The Kilted Coaches explain the primitive mind and how it affects our thinking to this very day. The same thinking that gives us negative thoughts such as fear and anxiety. They let you now that It’s OK to feel fear. They explain that thinking this way is completely normal but it’s important to shine a light on said feelings to work them through.










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Well it’s time for another Mindset Monday.

Because we’re in the middle of nowhere I can really belt that one, right?

We don’t care.

We don’t give a monkeys. Right, this episode is all about negative thoughts.

Yeah, and the fact that it’s ok to have negative thoughts.


It’s ok to not be happy all the time BUT you’re the health and happiness guys?!

How dare you not be happy?

You should always be happy.

Its not that we’re not always happy we do have periods in our day in our week you get a wee bit down about things and you know our brains are programmed to get negative thoughts it’s normal. It’s about recognising those and addressing those and making yourself happy again.


Which we’ll go into a bit more detail. Let’s rewind a little bit and what I say a little bit I mean a lot let’s rewind two hundred thousand years.

Let’s go with that.

Two hundred thousand years we lived in an environment where there was danger everywhere.

It was hostile.

Whether it was from animal attacks looking to eat you, whether it was famines or lack of knowledge about the land and you can’t find food.

The weather depending on the areas you lived in.

So you’re constantly in danger for your life.

Your brain was in a heightened sense of alert to survive.

Yup, so we’ve evolved this brain of ours that we still have to this day and that brain is telling us to be scared to look our for danger always danger all around you.

However, we’re kind of the top of the food chain now a days and the dangers don’t really exist like they did two hundred thousand years ago purely because we’ve conquered them.

Yup and all of a sudden your brain is still looking for dangers so we pick up on things that to be honest don’t really matter take for example, public speaking. Now most people are scared of public speaking to a certain extent but really is that a rational fear?

you’re not going to, well I hope you’re not going to die on stage.

Depends on your audience, right? and how good your speech is.

And what they’re throwing at you, right?

I don’t think we’d last long. But, most people have these negative thoughts about themselves, about the speech and about their presentation well before they step on stage or in front of their fears or an ordinary group of people.

And these negative thoughts, this is what you’ve got to remember, are very normal. It’s not abnormal to have these thoughts everyone has them. Even the people that don’t show they have them they still have them they just hide them better.

They just hide it better. So, the next time you have a negative thought just think to yourself “Is this normal?”. Of course it is. It’s completely normal and it’s ok to have those thoughts. And then the second thought you have is “Is it a just reason?”. Should we actually be scared of these things?

To just give you the action points here with all these fears it’s all ok to feel anxious, it’ ok to have self-doubt or fears of public speaking or what else might you have fears of? Starting a new job.

Asking a guy or a girl out.

yeah, yeah thats a fear in itself. It’s ok to have these fears but what’s really important is;

Shining a light on that fear, ok? Accepting it’s there and it’s ok and completely normal but just shine a light on it expose it for what it is.

Rationalise it, think it through.

It’s about empowering yourself you know if you understand the way your brain works and that it’s completely normal to have these fears you shine a light on it and you say, right, why am I feeling anxious? Why is my heart racing? Why do I not want to do this thing? Shine a light on it and expose it for what it is. Understanding your brain and then doing it anyway. Understanding it’s not worth worrying baout.

and then file it away.

Unless that fear is some guy chasing you with a baseball bat.

That’s a very rationale fear.

It’s a very rationale fear and that fear is just.

and in that case you run the fuck as fast as you can.

and if you are holding a flashlight maybe shine it in his eyes put him off a little bit.

Right, we’re going to do something different to wrap this one up this time.

We dare you

We double dare you.

We double dare you to expose your own fears and make them public comment on this video and tell us what they are.

Tell us what you’re scared of what’s prevented you from taking action in the past? Whether it be public speaking or a little bit of anxiety around a certain subject expose them comment on this video tell us what they are and as soon as you write down on this video you’ll feel an instant relief from that fear.