Non Equipement Quad Workout

THE quintessential non equipment quad workout!! This is the ONLY routine you’ll need if lacking weights for pumping the quads!!

Muscle up buttercup and get stuck in!





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Alright it’s Friday again

You’ve got that Friday feeling woah

That was actually not that bad, right? You just put money in the slot and he sings. Right. we’ve got a quad workout for you

What did you call it earlier on?

The quintessential non-equipment quad workout

I personally said the non-equipment quad workout you had to add in the quintessential you’ve very

I’ll do it again the quintessential non-equipment quad workout, got to roll the r’s

There’s a workout it’s a tongue twister

So for this particular routine it’s going to be progressive technically there’s twelve/thirteen twelve sets?

Yeah, yeah so what we’re looking at is one set is one exercise 20 reps


We then add one exercise onto the second exercise we then have a short rest we add the first, the second and a third exercise short rest then we add the first, second, third and fourth exercise

That’s one bad-ass set

One set

Take a breather for about one to two minutes

And we’re going to do 3 sets

Are we going to do all three? oh God.

We have to we owe it to our audience to get all 3 sets done

Right, right, ok

Well you know what we say, let’s get stuck in

Right, we’ve got a beautiful day for this one today

We’ve been lucky two days in a row and the sun’s been out amazing

There’s no dogs around here

Yeah no dogs today

We better get on with this quintessential quads

Alright muscle up buttercup

So, that’s one complete set

One set, what you need to do is that whole thing so it’s one exercise one plus two, one plus two plus three, one plus two plus three plus four, have a minute to two minutes rest and then repeat another two times

Let’s get stuck in

Let’s do this come on

That really burns

My thighs feel like this size

It burns we did so many

A little anchor man there

But we’re not done yet

We’re not done

Just to really F us up we’re going to throw in some jumps squats

Any energy you’ve got left is wasted here leave nothing behind

Ten sets of ten with a ten second rest in between

That’s going to burn right?

Jump squats

Yup let’s get stuck in

Ah well quad’s are burning

Quads are knackered honestly they feel like tree trunks so pumped up

Well, Mary, it’s that time again

It’s time to crack on