Mindset Monday – Be Nice Think Twice.

This Mindset Monday the Kilted Coaches want to remind you that whenever you feel hard-done-by, offended or upset it’s always worth stopping in your tracks, thinking, reflecting and even sleeping on it. Then when you have composed yourself, when you are making rational and logical decision should you respond to the incident in question.




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It’s time for another Mindset Monday.


Now this week’s episode is called Be Nice, Think Twice.

Think twice. So what do you mean by this? It’s really just taking taking your time before you respond to emails, text message comment, especially if you feel offended by something. Because, in this day in age we’ve got technology all around us and if i said oh man you’re such a dick, right? or Mate, you’re a dick, you’re an absolute dick. Right? That is saying exactly the same thing but you know how to take each of them –

That’s right.

  • – but you can’t tell that over email or text message, Facebook and god you name it.
  • The other thing is people get hit up on their own principles and people have to understand that this world is a gigantic place and everyone lives their lives differently and have their own principles. If your principles don’t match their’s that’s fine you don’t have to be involved with them but you don’t have to get yourself in a spat over it.
  • Yeah exactly. So I guess it’s getting your head out your arse stop seeing things from your perspective and reacting to the world with that filter on from your perspective.
  • Yeah and being too quick to respond I’m annoyed and I’m going to tell someone i’m annoyed and oh they’re so wrong you’re never going to change someone’s mind it doesn’t happen that way.
  • I’m going to give you the camera my arms getting sore.
  • So what happened was as you know Steve was on holiday there is just the two of us [singing] so when it comes to responding to emails, comments, it’s just us there’s no secret team, every now and then we get someone to help us with a little bit of camera work but that’s it. Other than that it’s just the two of us [singing] [laughter].
  • [background chatter]
  • Part of these emails are saying “oh your office staff’ we don’t have office staff [laughter] it’s us. We’ve got full time businesses that we run, our personal training business which takes a hell of a lot of work.
  • We’ve got our wives and our children and they’re young children which takes a lot of work too y’know.
  • So creating this channel, I mean it’s great fun, we need that little bit of time to respond to emails and most of you guys who are watching this are awesome –
  • Most of you understand that but what the situation we had was we had an automated email set-up so if you sign up to our mailing list like any company we make use of an automated email that goes out to everyone on your mailing list it makes life easier. Now, the individual had signed up to our mailing list, they had chosen to receive mail from us…now what had happened was this gentlemen had given a lengthy reply and it was big reply it was one of those replies where you were like right, ok, giving us the ins and outs of his medical history –
  • if you’re a regular viewer of our videos you know that we respond to as many comments and messages as we possibly can so when we get a long message we feel it justified a long message back
  • -that’s right. So when it came in I was on my own I was holding the fort so I was like oh shit I can’t just do a one or two sentence reply that is just being disrespectful. So I starred it left it in the inbox and I was like right I’ll get round to that now unfortunately a couple of days passed another automated email went out he sent this real angry reply disappointed reply –
  • yeah disappointment that we were disrespecting him.
  • – yeah disappointment that we had giving him such a cold response to his email now –
  • In one sentence he believed that he knew it was an automated email but in the same time he believed that it was a reply to his email.
  • -Which it really wasn’t now the problem is when his second one came through his one was actually sitting third from the top and I was going to get round to it and I was like oh man…I understand you’re offended we’re sorry about that but don’t throw your toys out the pram. See when anyone writes “I’m done” [laughter] you’re like I burst out laughing when anyone writes that we’ve had it a few times [laughter]. You know and you’re like what?
  • if he’d waited a couple more days he would have got his reply he would have got a lengthy reply [laughter] and everything would have been sweet and he did exactly what we’re advising you not to do. Do not reply when you’re het up, angry, frustrated, whatever.
  • So this is a bit of life lesson anyway that is a bit of a rant in fact we shouldn’t be ranting should we? We don’t rant. This is a life lesson for all of us is as soon as you feel offended now being offended by something you could be offended by absolutely anything as soon as you feel offended by something just think twice. Is it worth being offended over? So I guess the main lesson here is if you feel offended by anything absolutely anything just take your time sleep on it. There you go look, wait we’re on the wrong side, you can sit on the fence. Sit on the fence for a day before you respond and just really analyse the situation. Look at both sides before you make a decision on which side you’re going to fall on.
  • A well thought out response will always be the best response.
  • Be Nice, Think Twice.