Mindset Monday’s – Learning to Man The F*Ck Up!

  1. Following on from last weeks episode ‘Man the F*ck up!” The Kilted Coaches bring you a mindset based on seizing the moment..especially when you really can’t be arsed!




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When you’re peeing into the wind.

Well we’re in the broken wall today for another Mindset Monday.

We get better every time we say that.

I know, I know, we should be like game show hosts or something, right?

For this episode we did a bit of a parody video on –

Man the fuck up.

-Man the fuck up. Which is actually going to be a real supplement –

it is going to be a real supplement it is production so.

Yeah that’s our pre-workout that we’ve made. Yeah but some of the principles we jokingly touched on

we thought we would elaborate with a Mindset Monday. Ultimately man the fuck up was to deal with those times where you don’t feel like training, or you don’t feel like sticking to the diet.

You’re making excuse after excuse after excuse you need a little bit more motivation and ultimately you need to man the fuck up. However, real change and real progression in life come from the mind and feeling empowered.

You’ve got to feel like you’re the driver of your bus and not just a passenger.

if you think about that for a second a passenger in a bus will experience what the driver experiences. You’ll have the ups and the downs, the lefts and the rights, the fast and the slow. You’ll see the scenery you’ll feel when it’s good, when it’s bad, but ultimately it’s the driver who’s in control of the bus and that’s how we see our own lives. Are you in the driving seat? Are you making positive decisions or are you just along for the ride?

Along for the ride. The opposite of that is when you don’t feel in control. When you feel like you’re ice skating up-hill.

When you’re chasing your tail.

When you’re peeing into the wind.


Ultimately we’re looking to be more creative with our lives rather than reactive. There are so many people out there who just react to situations, react to other people, rather than be creative and actually deciding where you want your life to be and taking positive consistent action towards that vision.

Now in our video we jokingly said take two scoops of man the fuck up [laughter] and all your problems are solved but in life you can do something similar. You’ve got to ask yourself those times when you don’t feel in control you’ve got to take those two scoops metaphorically.

It all starts in here, man the fuck up, really is all in here. It’s all psychological. Once you’ve made that positive vision of moving forward towards never settling for second best that’s when you’ve manned the fuck up. Does that even make sense?

It made perfect sense [laughter] I’ve got his back.

That’s when you’ve manned up [laughter].

So if you for any reason can’t afford that particular supplement we’re going to show you how to make it yourself at home.

DIY supplements you heard it here first.

So you need 2 scoops of ‘Yes I can do this’, 1.5 scoops of motivation, a teaspoonful of awesomeness, and just a little drop of stick to the damn plan.