Mindset Monday with The Kilted Coaches

There’s nothing that’s lost that can’t be found. This was a saying that coach Rab loved from one of his many superhero series and it explores the benefits of staying positive in every situation which is what is explored during this week’s episode of Mindset Monday.
This episode was filmed at the lovely Perthshire area called ‘The Hermitage’

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It’s time for another Mindset Monday

Right the audio won’t be great today but you know what we don’t give a damn because we’re in such an awesome location.

Yeah we thought audio is going to be rubbish in this location but we don’t care because look at that.

Aw man.

So, we’re at The Hermitage in Perthshire and it’s a pretty amazing place isn’t it?

Yeah, we’re kind of on the edge of a bridge here and I wouldn’t want to fall.

We’ll take the camera down slightly because the bridge that we’re sat on right now we’ll show you from another angle and it’s pretty impressive.

Bad ass.

Very old.

Right, so we’re going to get stuck in about this episode so there’s a quote that I like from a TV series that I used to like and it goes something like this “There’s nothing that’s lost that can’t be found.”

It’s a great principle really that affects all aspects of life a lot of people will get down about y’know maybe lost friendships, being overweight you think ok my health is gone.

You might have lost your shoes.


Don’t worry we’re going to zoom in on that in a bit.

Ultimately it’s about staying positive in every situation and every opportunity really. You know like there’s nothing that’s lost that you can’t find.

Expect your virginity once that’s gone it aint coming back.

You can get an operation for that now, right? Don’t know how it works for the guys though.

So like you were saying there relationships you know.

Friendships, even love relationships, a lot of people will get down about having lost someone but really you have to stay positive always and as the quote says there’s nothing that’s lost that can’t be found.

Just take time and effort. Let’s say you fell out with a family member and you thought you know what that will never be reconciled that’s it, it’s over, but if you want that family relationship to work again there’s always a way. Always a way. Time and effort. Everybody wants things now but time and effort. Like I say there’s nothing that’s lost that can’t be found.

Keep working at things. So, one of the biggest things that we hear we’ve even had some comments and private messages from our subscribers on YouTube saying that you know I would love to get back into shape but I’m too old, I’m in my fifties now, I’m in my sixties now. You know age is a just number you know you might not have your health at the moment but with a little bit of work, a little bit of effort and possibly with a bit of coaching from us or from other coaches of course you can get your health back, of course you can get back in shape, of course you can get lean again.

I used to be fit when I was younger but I amn’t now. Well if you used to be fit when you were younger again there’s nothing that’s lost that can’t be found. You can get fit again, it just takes time.

It just takes time.

And effort.

You’ve got to stay positive in all situations.

The bottom line for this message is no matter where you are, what you’re doing, what you want to achieve, keep moving forward and you’ll always get there if you want to.

And if the situation feels like it may be completely lost, there’s always a way back. Always.
So this is where we were we were on that bridge.

We’re here at the Hermitage and as you can see we’re at Ossions Hall, I wonder what’s in here.

There’s a Rab.