Mindset Monday – Lesson from a salmon

It’s time for another Mindset Monday. This week the Kilted Coaches take you to a magical hideaway location for lessons about the universe, salmon and being a rock. Sound random right? Just watch.



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It’s to regenerate? I was going to say regenerate but that’s not the right word.

I’ve forgotten the word re-populate, re– Christ! You’re right it’s a re…

Have kids.


Diet Coke break.

So we are out on location again.

I feel like one of those awful tourist with my camera around my neck.

Taking pictures of everything [laughter]

So we’re looking for — this is going to be an absolutely incredible location for you guys today.

Yeah it’s going to be a real surprise we actually don’t know how far we’ve — where we’ve parked up for this route I’ve never really parked before I usually come from a different direction so.

Yeah we’d usually go the long way, right? Over the hill.

Yeah [laughter].

Two hills.

And the sun is shining so the taps are aff.



Think he’s going to try and ram us? [laughter]

He looks game for it right? He’s licking his lips and everything he’s like “I can take them.”

Well that was a bit of a trek.

Yeah that was a bit of a workout already we’re not even there yet.

Spin it round show them the rock formation there as well.

[music] if my camera could sing that’s what it would sing.

You’ve actually got a very good singing voice, see with a bit of fine tuning…[laughter]

Right we’re going to march on to our secret location.


And that’s where we’re going.

That’s the worst sound to hear if you need a pee, right?

Coach Stephen, what do you think of the waterfall? —

It’s majestic.

It’s like one of those beach scenes

What’s that shampoo? Because you’re worth it, right?

Well we made it —

yeah we did.

— we’re at John Knox’s Pool Pit today.

  • and it’s time for another Mindset Monday.
  • He’s not belting it because there’s two people down there.
  • Yeah we have an audience today.
  • He’s shy.
  • I’m a shy guy, you know!
  • When it suits you, when it suits you.
  • So we celebrated our one year anniversary for The Kilted Coaches on Friday
  • What a year it’s been right? Absolutely incredible and we actually want to do a shout-out to all our new subscribers because we’ve had a few, welcome to the channel we enjoy getting comments and we enjoy chatting away to some people so feel free to comment on our videos ask questions and we look forward to speaking to you.
  • And if you haven’t done so already you should check out our anniversary table. We’ll put the tag in this video, right?
  • Yeah it’ll be in the video description so check that out you’ll see how much fun we’ve had over the past year.
  • Yeah [laughter]. Just think what we’re going to do this year, year two.
  • We’re going to have to trump that video next year, right?
  • This week’s episode is all about –
  • The Universe what a deep a deep subject.
  • [laughter]
  • So you’ll see that there’s a waterfall behind us so this goes along the lines of the universe is like a river it’s like flowing water now that river will keep flowing regardless, just like the universe, it doesn’t care what’s in it’s way there is no fate. There is not pre-determined destiny the world just it and it just keeps flowing.
  • As you can see from the waterfall behind us it flows, it keeps flowing, its been flowing for hundred of years thousands to years and it will continue to flow for thousands of years to come. It will mould itself i will flow in the path of least resistance and that;s the main aim of today is to understand the universe will flow regardless and if you’re set on a particular destiny for yourself then put your foot down.
  • Jump in and resist that flow and when you do that the water will continue to flow but around you.
  • Exactly, the universe does not care. It doesn’t care so when you put your foot down and you say this is what i’m doing the universe will flow around you for thousands, millions years to come. But if you truly want something then go for it.
  • For example if you were to throw a small stone in the river it will just go with the flow and it will go where ever that river’s going it’s in the passenger seat, we’ve done a video on that before, right?
  • Yeah.
  • But if you were to throw a bigger rock and it would land and it would stand it’s ground and say ‘No, I’m going where the universe is saying I’m going” –
  • That rock is big enough
  • — yeah it’s going to force a change of flow and the universe is going to say ‘fuck you, then’ and just go around it
  • Path of least resistance if you are absolutely adamant that you want something in life then put your foot down and get it because the universe will just keep going but it will flow around you it’s not going to try and change your path it doesn’t care it’s just going to keep going through that path of least resistance where the flow goes.
  • It’s really easy to go yourself with the path of least resistance you may be sitting in a job that you don’t like or hang around friends that — the path of least resistance is just to stay there because trying to get a new job or re-train for a new job is too much work.
  • Unless you’re conscious about it you will follow the path of least resistance yourself, When you switch on your mind and say right, this is where I want to go, this is what I want in life. Make your intentions clear to yourself, and to everyone around you, the universe.
  • Change the flow.
  • So obviously living in Scotland we are massive exports of our salmon, Scottish Salmon, is famous across the world.
  • Salmon do something quite unique they swim up river when they’re going to lay their eggs, they swim against the flow.
  • They will swim for hundreds of mile, up stream, just to lay their eggs, just to spawn –
  • They even jump.
  • –Yeah they jump up flow, up waterfalls and all sorts –
  • Kilted Salmon [laughter]
  • –just to lay their eggs. Now why do they do this? Why do they go against the flow? Because they have a sole purpose in life. Now salmon have one purpose in life and that is to have kids.
  • Salmon go against the flow of the universe if the universe had its way when it comes to salmon there would be no salmon.
  • Yeah all the salmon would be out to sea and you do get sea salmon but they come back up, right? Everything would just go one direction but the salmon go no-no, the salmon decide this is where i want to go this is where i want to lay my eggs and there is no river strong enough to hold be back. Be like the salmon.
  • So stage 1; be the rock say I am not going to go with the flow I am going to put my foot down.
  • Stage 2; Decide exactly where you’re going to go and go against the flow. Do not let the universe take you along for the ride.
  • So The Kilted Coaches say ; Be a rock or a salmon.
  • It’s annoying me what the re- is…it’s not re-populate, we’ve got to get it before the end of the video. It’s maybe not a re-, maybe thats what’s throwing us off.
  • Reproduce
  • The salmon go up stream to reproduce.
  • You’ve seen grease 2, right?
  • No.
  • Not as good as Grease.