Mindset Monday – Happy Body – Happy Lifestyle

The Kilted Coaches bring you another Mindset Monday and explain the importance of ensuring that your lifestyle gives you the body you want WHILST still ensuring you are happy doing it!!

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Can’t have that on there, right?

Well, Rab, it’s time for another mindset Monday

That’s probably the best way of saying it

Yeah it is

We’re not usually shirtless on a Monday but the shirt police, Harry K, I’m just kidding, there is a reason we’re shirtless

There is a reason we’re shirtless today it’s to signify a very important point by more than one

If you haven’t noticed by now Coach Rab and Coach Stephen have very different physiques

We do

So today’s lesson is all about being happy with your own physique

Yeah, yeah, I think it’s matching up your lifestyle and your body your happiness

All in one

Tripe happiness

If you look at both of our physiques they’re very different I’m a lot bulkier whereas Mr. abs here is the poster boy

It’s just a little bit more lean whereas, Rab, he’s got bigger muscles and this really comes down to I’m going to explain the point here right so let’s say for instance you’re most people go into like a weight loss journey a diet maybe through watching some of our videos because they’re unhappy with their body so you’ve got a big sad face ok it might not affect your happiness that much but

But your eating habits are probably as such that you’re probably quite happy

So if that signifies your body you’ve then got to consider your lifestyle and chances are you’re very happy with your lifestyle

Plenty of food and wine

Yeah food socializing with friends not a lot of exercise maybe are doing some exercise the main point here is everybody has their lifestyle due to what they enjoy and how they live their life and what you’re doing on a day to day basis. So, you might not be happy with the body but you’re probably pretty happy with your lifestyle.

Now the opposite end of the spectrum now we’ve done these videos on don’t believe social media for example now let’s take a look at these we’ll call them fitness models guys who are absolutely shredded to the bone the picture of perfection, right? The work that they’ll have to do to maintain that on a regular basis some genetics will be there but for some of the others

Now let’s be fair there are some fitness models out there who are very happy with their lifestyle and they maintain a good level of health, happiness and they just enjoy life good on them fair play to you

Some of them that’s their job

Exactly so that’s great however there are a lot of people out there who are absolutely shredded and they’re very happy with their body you look at it and you think that’s impressive

They’ve worked hard to get their fitness body

But for everyday people what that results in is a very unhappy lifestyle you’re talking minimizing any alcohol content, weighing and measuring everything that you eat and drink

Yeah exercising sometimes hours at a time

Yeah sometimes multiple times a day there’s just a lot that goes into being absolutely ripped and for a lot of people for you and I it’s just not enjoyable

Not at all if I were to try and get like Mr. abs here I would have to put a lot more extra time in the gym I would have to really focus on my diet I’d have to cut back on my Friday whisky

I feel like I should be bracing while you’re saying this s

Still wins

So for me to get to Stephen’s condition I would really have to work my butt off. It is possible, anything is possible but I would end up making myself unhappy doing it so it’s very very important that with your body you find somewhere in the middle

And vice-versa it’s not all about being ripped us training together I think I want to be bigger I want bigger shoulders like, Rab, but for me to put on size for me to put on bigger shoulders like that I’ve to do workout after workout loads and loads of food I’ve got to really eat to put on some muscle therefore it’s quite unhappy through that process so you know what I’m fine I’m absolutely fine

So what we’re talking about there is you can either be sad happy or you can be happy sad depending on the spectrum what we’re talking about is this little zone in the middle we want happy happy

So you’re happy with the physique that you have and you’re happy with the lifestyle you have to maintain it

Which is where we’re at, right?


You know we’ve got a set lifestyle we like our food we like our whisky we enjoy training we enjoy eating good food but there are few luxuries in life and our bodies then represent that

Happy happy

Let’s be hapy happy be mindful of where your bodies at where your journey’s starting and potentially going to end and try to get here without making yourself miserable

Because you’ll just spring back

Ultimately the sad face win ok so we’ve seen people here when that sad face is a very big sad face

Give him a hat

I’ll go zoom in

So ultimately big sad face and this one often is a big sad face and these will always bring you inwards find your middle place and let’s be happy happy