Mindset Monday – ‘Growth versus Fixed’ Mindset

This week we bring you another MINDSET MONDAAAAAAAAY and we’re looking at growth versus fixed mindset. The type of mindset that you have will have a big impact on every single aspect of your life. Having a growth mindset is vital for achieving your goals whatever they may be. Let us tell you how you can overcome a fixed mindset to reach your full potential through developing a growth mindset.




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I just wanted to do a cow sound. Come on, that was good, right?

Such a dick.

Right, you do it then.

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Time for another Mindset Monday.

Right, so this week’s episode.

It’s all about having a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

Yep, so we’re got to give credit to Dr. Carol Dweck, who wrote a book called, Mindset. Actually, this was the book that actually got me into the whole mindset principles. A really really clever principle obviously, Carol Dweck, she’s a world leading psychologist, I think I got that right. I think she’s a psychologist.

So, anyway she talks about the importance of having a growth mindset now we can have growth mindsets in lot of different parts of your life. We can have fixed mindsets in other parts. So, we have a growth mindset in regards to our training, right? Yeah, when it comes to fitness we are all about progression and continuously learning new methods. At no point do we think that’s us at the end goal. It is what it is you know how many times have you heard people say, I’m just not fit? Or I’m not a good swimmer, I can’t run, it’s quite a definitive statement. You hear it all the time and that’s what you call a fixed mindset. You are what you are and you can’t progress.

The aim of this video today is to say you must have a growth mindset in every single aspect of your life. Now, if we’re going to be fair about this, ok, let’s be fair to our audience. We’ve got a growth mindset when it comes to our fitness, yup, but we might have fixed mindsets for other aspects of our life. Oh, I know a classic one, just recently we’ve had a few translations and what not and we had a great interview with a gentleman from Peru. Antonio. Hi, Antonio, this is for you buddy. It was interesting because like I can’t speak very good Spanish that’s not even good England. I suppose I’ve had a bit of a fixed mindset, “I can’t speak Spanish”, whereas really I should be “I can’t speak Spanish, yet!”. So, it’s that growth mindset knowing that well not at the moment but I can get there. Yeah and we’ve agreed that we’re going to learn some Spanish, right? Yeah we’ll give that a go.

We’ve got a lot of Latin Americans watching our videos and we thought you know what we can learn some Spanish, can’t we? Yeah.

Si, Si. He wasn’t listening at the start; I don’t speak good Spanish!

So, there’s going to be lots of people watching this video and you’re thinking, right, where are my growth mindsets and where are my fixed mindsets. You want to be thinking about every aspect of your life whether that be your relationships, your financial situation, whether you’re good at Spanish or not, with your fitness, with your wellbeing. I’ve heard some people saying ‘oh, I’m just not very good with that nutrition stuff.

You’re eating three times a day you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to try and figure out some of the basics, now that’s where we come in, we’re here to help you with it so you need to have that growth mindset thinking, well I might not be clued up at the moment but I’m willing to learn.  I’m going to progress and I’m going to grow.

So, actually this principle in the book it talks about how we develop a fixed mindset and to talk about if you were to do a jigsaw. If you were a kid right you’re this tiny little kid you’re three or four years old and you do this four-piece jigsaw just four bits to the puzzle and you do that. Your mum or your dad say that’s amazing you’re really good at jigsaws, aren’t you? And you think, yeah, I’m the kid that’s good at jigsaws and then all of a sudden she’s like do another four-piece jigsaw and you do another one. Then all of a sudden your parents put down an eight-piece jigsaw, you take one look at it and you think I can’t do that, that’s not the one I usually do. I can’t do that. Straight away you believe that you’re not going to get the praise that you once had if I do try this jigsaw and I can’t do it, I’m no longer the kid that’s good at jigsaws. So, therefore you just don’t try. Now, that simple little principle so this then leads on to every other aspect of your life in adulthood.

You might see something you might think you know what I’m the fitness guy you know I’m really fit and agile and mobile. And all of a sudden this guy comes along who looks fitter than you he’s more confident that you, suddenly you might not want to put yourself out there and be shown up, because you’re no longer the fitness guy, you’re the guy who’s not as fit as him. So you don’t try like if I don’t try I can’t be second best, I can’t fail. That’s where the fixed mindset comes from you can’t afford to have a fixed mindset in this life.

So basically that child who thought they were the four-piece jigsaw king should have just said they were the jigsaw king and if I don’t know how to do something I’m going to learn and I’m going to keep practicing until I get it. If they put down a hundred-piece jigsaw the wee lad said I can’t do that at the moment but I’m going to keep going it might take me longer. I’m going to keep practicing, keep practicing until I can do that jigsaw.

So to wrap this up then the main principle that, Carol Dweck, recommends for parents anyway of if you’re ever coaching anybody never say “you’re really good at that” even if you think they are good at something like doing a jigsaw never praise somebody for their ability to do something praise the effort and this is what this comes down to as long as you’re willing to try to learn to grow then you will succeed.