Mindset Monday – Growth Forward Measure Backwards

Mindset Mondays, Growth forward, Measure backwards, the Kilted Coaches explain the importance of stopping and looking at where you’ve come from.



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You hear the echo when you do that.

Ok, it’s time for another.

Mindset Monday.

Mindset Monday.

Felt a bit left down previously but I’m back in the game though.

I feel like the location we’re in Mindset Monday.

That’s creepy it’s like the trees are going to come to life it’s Lord of the Rings they come to life, isn’t it?

Yeah, they’re called Ents.

Ents, that’s right.

We’ve found a good location for you guys today.

Isn’t it nice? The trees are probably looking at us going “What are these wee bastards doing in our woods?”.

We’re going to be honest here as well we spend more time looking for a nice location to film in than we do actually filming the episode.

We wander around aimlessly for about ten minutes maybe half an hour going ooh that looks nice.

It’s not until you get on the camera shot that you’re like ah right, yeah.

Right, this week’s episode…

All about the journey you’re on and the importance of looking forward setting goals but more important than that…

Measure backwards.

Measure backwards? Are you insane?

The backwards man.

The analogy we like to use here is you’re climbing a hill, let’s think of Ben Nevis, ok? It’s the highest Munro in Scotland and it’s a nice walk let’s be fair. And you’re going forward step after step after step and you’re always looking to the top.

And you’re knackered because you’ve got your lunch bag on your bag well certainly I do and I like a big lunch. After an hour or so you’re like oh my god.

Sometimes it feels like you’re never going to get to the top it’s just endlessly walking, trudging, moving forward constantly. It’s nice to set a goal y’know you can see yourself edging closer but the only place that progress exists, never in the future, it doesn’t exist in the future that’s an imaginary place the future’s this creation in your head it doesn’t actually exist yet. The only place that progress exists is behind you in the past.

The backwards man, the backwards man, the backwards man.

So, when you’re on any sort of journey whether it’s climbing a mountain or your personal fitness journey, your weight loss, set goals, by all means set goals, look forward, look to see where you’re going but as soon as you’ve started that journey every now and again you’ve got to turn around and enjoy the view. Look where you’ve come from look at the progress you’ve already made and that will be your motivation to continue.

Especially when you’re tired, you know you can embark. Look we’ll take the kilted coaches for example, we’ve had times where we’re tired, we’ve got our own PT businesses, working away, squeezing in filming and sometimes we’re like, “Ugh, we’re not getting anywhere” and it’s not until we stop and reflect at how we’ve come in a short period of time. That’s when you stop and go you get a lift again you go actually.

You know we’ve got some set goals for the kilted coaches and they’re all actually ahead of schedule at the moment which is great and that’s actually thanks to you guys as well so thank you.

Thank you guys.

Keep subscribing, keep subscribing.

We’ve set some goals and it can be frustrating sometimes even though we’re ahead of schedule we think we want to be there now.


We want to have ten thousand subscribers and you’re always just kind of moving forward, moving forward but it’s only when you turn around and actually see how far we’ve come from the day we started which was only 9 months ago, y’know it’s a really nice view from where we are and we can see the progress we’ve made. That’s the same for you guys. Any sort of journey you’re on whether it be weight loss, body transformation, which is our specialty. Or, it’s maybe your business. Your business, maybe you’re self-employed or you run a business or your career, always move forward and think this time next year where am I going to be? What am I going to be doing? How much advancement have I made? But, never forget to turn round and enjoy the view look to where you’ve come from.

Growth forwards, measure backwards.

Backwards man, backwards man, backwards man.