Mindset Monday – Faster Progress with that ONE thing

Faster Progress With That ONE Thing is another mindset principle from the kilted coaches where they teach the benefits to focusing on one goal instead of trying to multi task. The Kilted Coaches upload a new Mindset Monday every single week so don’t forget to subscribe to their Youtube channel.





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We’ve been reunited again after our breakup.

Rab, left me.

For a whole eleven days.

Eleven days he just disappeared.

I just went away somewhere and now I’m back.

It was tough I didn’t think I was going to make it through actually.

But you did, you did, you got there.

Who am I kidding? I loved it, it was great fun.

**** you. So we’re back in action again a wee holiday for Coach Rab and I left Coach Stephen holding the reigns.

Had a little bit of chill out time. It was a busy time because we know you’re going away it was actually quite busy making sure we had all the videos recorded so we could release them because we didn’t want to let you guys down so yeah we did a lot of recording we’ve got obviously our LEaN formula coming up, getting everything ready for that.

Yeah that launches very soon it’s an exciting time.

Lots of things happening with the PT businesses as well so we had that to take care of so yeah it was a really busy time so see actually when you went away I had like a wee holiday to myself as well it as great I was like yeah you know everything’s taken care of the videos are recorded I don’t need to meet up with this numb nut every day.

I’m just going to leave him again.

I’ve actually got a bit of a sore throat at the moment.

See what happens when I go away, he gets sick, he gets love sick.

The thing is I’ll just have a wee whisky tonight and I’ll be fine.

Yeah so it’s been fairly good got a lot of exciting stuff coming up actually in fact wait till we see Friday’s video.

Yeah we had fun filming it. We always have fun filming but uhm.

We explain something in this Friday’s video for our regulars and if you’re not a regular then you’ll soon get the idea but for our regulars we explain why we do what we do on a Friday.

Yeah, yeah.

It’s not what you think.

No, it’s really not, is it?

So yeah and we’ve had some good comments come in lately.

Funny ones, eh?

The usual again.

You know what I actually want to highlight one particular comment because somebody said “How do you feel that your audience 90% of your audience are gay men?” and I thought.

It’s actually 95.

It’s 95 % actually because we’ve got the analytics.

But I thought we don’t care about sex, sexuality, ethnic origins, nationalities, whatever. To be honest we don’t care I would say

That this comment how do you feel about 95% or 90% of your audience being gay I was thinking 95% of our audience are actually very appreciative, polite, charming, funny.

Up for a laugh anyway.

Our audience is great and the fact that most of them are gay is great you know.

I think that same comment was to do with us getting compliments from gay men etcetera a compliment’s a compliment whether it comes from a man or a woman. It doesn’t really bother us.

Every time we get the comments coming in we’re like you know what it brings a smile to our faces doesn’t it?

It’s great.

You know what we have got a very very kind polite nice audience every now and again you get the little kind of… there’s always one isn’t there?

Yeah actually recently I’ve had to start hiding comments from an individual because they’re really homophobic kind of just nasty. I mean literally it’s what we get a thousand comments a week so you only get one bad one what’s that? .1% is that right?

We’re certainly not going to complain about it.

But at the same time that .1% just makes you think God the world can be quite an awful place.

And actually the main point for me is you get the homophobic comments coming in

And I don’t want anyone else seeing that on our channel.

Exactly we don’t any one to feel like they don’t want to comment for fear of somebody else being homophobic so therefore we just hide the comments, solves the problem right?

I think when we hide them I don’t know if it just hides it from us or it hides it from everybody?

It hides it from everybody.

Does it, right?

So, keep the comments coming and subscribe.

Oh yeah, subscribe.

If you’re new to the channel please subscribe and we will love you for it because our audience has actually grown really fast, hasn’t it?

I know, what was it? Almost 16k.

16,000 man.

It’s funny we have to give a shout out to the Shirt Police, Harry K, this is a shout out to you buddy man.

You know see when, Harry K, first started commenting I was like ugh, we’ve got another one you know it was like sleaze and you thought for god’s sake but actually he’s kind of got a bit of cheekiness to him.

Yeah, every time he mentions that we’ve got to do it shirtless it’s like woo woo woo shirt police, pull over and every now and again. Usually on a Friday, it keeps him happy right? So big shout out to you, Harry K, you’re one of our favorites.

Yeah, he’s funny.

There are a few though aren’t there?

There’s big, Donald, Rodders, big Rodney, oh yeah, Rodney Brown. You know what I hate actually when you start saying names because we’ve actually got about 20 odd subscribers who are commenting all the time and now the other 16 are going to be like you never mentioned me you wanker.

Yeah I know and now we’ve just offended them.

So, hi to all our regulars and sorry about my voice, I’ve got a sore throat I’m starting to sound like, Batman.

I put on this crazy voice. What does he say in Batman? Where are they? I’m going to give myself a sore throat trying to do the batman voice.

What is it he says again? LOOK AT ME.

That’s it, that’s it.

You fucking did, are you Batman?

Well it’s that time again.

It certainly is, it’s time for another…

Mindset Tuesdays.

That’s tantalizing Tuesdays, you got it wrong.

Ah shit.

That’s for next year.

Tantalizing Tuesdays.

And this week’s subject?

That one thing.

That one thing.

One thing, one focus. One priority.

There’s one goal.

There’s somebody that said