Mindset Monday – Enduring a Famine to appreciate the Festival!

This Mindset Monday The Kilted Coaches explain the importance of appreciating the small things in life and not taking everything for granted or falling into the ‘more more more’ trap. They will also give you a good tip on how to restore the balance.

Big shout out to our man Ted Repsholdt ūüôā

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We’re not sure what this one will be called yet actually

Probably something like the Hound and the Baskervilles or…

Or the dog wanted my nuts

I know, I know

Well it’s time for another Mindset Monday

So it’s a little bit windy today so if the camera is picking up the wind we do apologise

We get pelters for the sound anyway

We do, we do, however we have new cameras on order with new microphones so the videos will be getting better soon


So, how’re you guys doing?

How you doing?

The sun’s out today in Scotland which is great we don’t often get sun like this so when we do we like to take advantage of it


Have a bit of a chill out

Get the vests on. We’ve had quite an exciting week actually because the LEaN formula goes live well it’s been live

Yes our body transformation coaching programme is live people are signed up there are still some spaces but I think by the time this goes out we’ve already started, right?

Yeah and then our online shop as well

Hey, yeah!

Get our apparel this is actually the old stuff our new stuff the new vests the new tank tops actually look really good we’ve ordered a couple of hoodies, t-shirts

I know we want to see how long it takes right and then we’ll be on to them

Yeah we specifically set up a UK shop and a US shop because our audience is kind of split it’s mainly the US actually


America and South America, Canada

Happy days

Still got the comments coming in haven’t we?

Yeah, keeping it going it’s good

You know when we first started and we made that video about all our comments we’ve been getting i’d love to do another one but we’ve been getting so many good comments now that it’s trying to find them all and do them justice

I know

We’ve got a bit of a friend coming along



He’s looking for¬†trouble

don’t eat my nuts

He is

Dogs are so funny, eh?

Right guys and you really like my chicken but you’re not getting my nuts they’re mine

The innuendos are endless there right?

That sounds weird saying that when I’m wearing a kilt

I’ve just been tailed twice

Oh and she’s got it

So we’ve got a couple of shout-outs first of all to, Ted,

Ted, Hi, Ted

Ted, we promised you a shout-out and this is yours, HI TED

What was his second name? I can’t remember

I know his avatar was kind of orange-y I’m sure

Last time we gave a couple of guys a shout-out which we probably shouldn’t have done

Yeah because then everybody else gets pissed off at us, right?

I know, I know, we felt really bad because we’ve actually got some really nice followers and we can’t really give a shout-out to everybody but, Ted, especially left us a nice message and to be honest I got a wee tear coming to my eye when I was reading it I thought poor, Ted

Poor, Ted

He never got a shout out so hi, Ted

Hi, Ted

and also we’ve been shared a few times on a few blogs so eh towel road

Yeah we’ve been shared twice there haven’t we?

Twice on towel road

So, thank you

So the guys at towel road thank you so much we really appreciate all the support that we do get you guys have been great for us so anything we can do for you which is wee shout-out to our followers I think most of them would probably enjoy the blog so check out towel road

In fact can we put that in the show notes?

I reckon we could make that happen

We will put a link to towel road on our notes

and a shout out to Ted we’ll put Ted in the notes as well

Can we link to Ted?

Shout out Ted

So this week’s Mindset episode after we’ve been ravaged by a dog is basically about well feasts and famine

Feasts and famine

or festivals and famine

Well festivals and famine so this come about because well for instance we’re it’s a beautiful day here in Scotland

Which is rare

So rab and i were like yeah let’s just go and chill out in the grass have a good time and eat some nuts drink some water em is it too windy?

Do you it’s picking up the wind? It’s got a little muffler on it

So we’re kind of like really relaxed and we’re like this is nice


And the point we want to try and make is at the moment we’re already thinking how can we make this better?

Yeah and then we pretty much agreed if we sat here right now with a whisky in the sun, in our vests, chatting to your guys that would make it better, right?

It would make it a hell of a lot better imagine being sat there with a wee 25 year old Glenlivet, that’d be nice, right?

Yeah that would be nice

It’d be lovely

but then you think ok once we’ve got that Glenlivet what else would make it better?

Steak in a bowl you know how, Rab, loves his steak in a bowl

Steak in a bowl

I’d like some chicken wings

So we’re sitting here with our 25 year old Glenlivet, Rab’s, got his steak in a bowl

Stephen’s got his chicken wings

and that would make it better again

and that would make it better again

So all of a sudden you add to it again you go you know what I could go with somebody giving my shoulders a rub giving them a wee massage you go you know what it’s even more relaxing and then you might want something a bit more refreshing you go you know what I want a beer as well I want a nice cold here

Oh here comes, Hope, again

Hi, Hope

You might want a dog here to pet now and again as well

So you before you realise when you’re adding to this and adding to this before you realise it when all the extra stuff’s taken away all of a sudden just a nice day with a good friend chilled out is no longer good enough

You’re like where’s my whisky? Where’s my steak in a bowl?

Yeah you start missing the things that you’ve become accustomed to all these little things that are trying to make your life better and better and better and sometimes the nicest things in life are the most basic

But because you’ve added all these things on you no longer appreciate the very simple sunny day that we have to begin with

Yeah still chilled out

So, we’ve got a solution for ya

The solution so we like a little bit of stoicism so there was a stoic philosopher called Cennica I believe his name was. So, Cennica, had this principle and he called it festivals and famine and what that refers to

Our audio sucks at hotmail.com

So yeah Cennica had this philosophy called of festivals and famine so now we live in the modern world where we have things like youtube, Facebook¬†Instagram, whatever, we drive cars we have internet we sit at desks you know everything is just nice, nice, nice, this is your festivals you’ve got all these added on things, added on things, and it messes with your perception and appreciation of what is normal in life

So what we want you to do every now and again is create a famine

Have a period of famine now that doesn’t necessarily mean food but it does refer to food as well so we have periods where you can go the supermarket and pick up anything you want absolutely anything

Oh we’ve got a new¬†friend who wants me to throw the ball

So yeah they call me the dog whisperer

So where was i? create a famine

oh we’ve got two dogs now

I just got tailed again is that assault?

This video’s going great

Create a period of famine in your life let’s look at food first of all we can go into a supermarket and get anything you want absolutely anything ¬†you want so in order to keep your mind fresh create a period of famine

So really what we’re looking at there is really just a couple of days worth of restricting calories or just having the same food we used to do this didn’t we?


Remember that?

The thing is when you’re following a restrictive diet food tastes better i mean it does, doesn’t it? You hit the weekend and everything tastes better where as normally¬†¬†if you’re eating that kind of stuff all the time you get used to it, don’t you?

Remember when we went camping you know you’re out in the wilderness and you get we hiked quite far so you get quite hungry and we made some just porridge with blackberries it tasted damn good

Damn good because we were hungry we’d created a famine

But you start to appreciate all the taste of food

And then also have a famine from your technology shut off all your devices try to stay off your Facebook for a whole day or two

Yup, this is why we love camping though, isn’t it? You get the famine from the food famine from technology and famine from clothes. Camping and hiking is very very good for the soul.

When you come back you appreciate things al the more

You appreciate the small things like a nice day and chatting to you guys

I still fancy some steak in a bowl though

I’m going to get my nuts back out

Let’s just leave that there, right?