Mindset Monday – If you could buy more time

More time, the one thing everyone asks for when facing the dark road ahead. The Kilted Coaches discuss this morbid subject on this week’s Mindset Monday let them tell you how you can make full use of your time NOW!







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You’ve got an extra long one do you, mate?

I do have an extra long one.

Tell your fans about your extra long one.

Well last video we talked about my nuts [laughter] and now we’re talking about my extra long one, so…

Ok, it’s time for another Mindset Monday



Did you say mundane?

This week’s episode we’re going to talk about-

It’s actually quite a, it’s all about health and happiness right and it is a health and happiness message but it’s a little bit morbid as well.

-basically I can’t remember the exact percentages but i remember reading that people on their death beds, people that are terminally ill, God bless their souls, in their last few days they’ve got to live, sometimes they’re asked questions or maybe they offer the information. There’s things that they wish they had done differently, there’s things they would have done or wouldn’t have done, apparently 60 or 60% of them they always say that they wish they had more shown their loved ones or told their loved ones how much they felt about them.

So really you need to start thinking about how you’re living your life right now, Should you be telling the people around you how you feel about them?

If you aren’t doing so already some people struggle with emotion though. Some people struggle to display emotion, i know that men certainly fall into that trap of trying to be ‘man’ and not show emotion.

But when you’re on your death bed later in life you’ll wish you did so start thinking about that. Another message that goes along the same lines is we live our lives all about money and possession amongst other things, but that’s a huge part of it, money and possessions. So, study done when people are asked would you give up everything that you owned and all the money in your bank for more time and for youngster the answer was generally no, they wouldn’t. But, as you get a little bit older the answer becomes, yes you would. The amount of time that you would want in return for the money and possessions gets less and less and less as you get older. No matter how much money you have ok this was everyday working class people up to your millionaires and as you get older, people on their death bed, get asked the same questions “Would you give up everything that you’ve owned and all the money in your bank for more time?” and that time frame got down to as little as a few minutes. A few minutes extra on this planet because let’s face it possessions aren’t just possessions. Money is just money, you can’t take it with you.

More time which begs the question if you were to give up everything that you owned and all the money in your bank just for more time what would you do with that time?

And then once you’ve worked out what you would do with that time can you do it now? Are there barriers as to why you’re not doing those things now. If it’s more time with a loved one or someone close to you why not take advantage of that time now?

Often the answer to that you’ll probably be thinking is I’ll do that later, I’ll spend more time with my loved ones later, there might not be a later in fact there won’t be a later there is no later there’s only now. People believe in yesterday, tomorrow, you know what’s happened in the past, what’s going to happen in the future.

Like in, Rocky 3, there is no tomorrow.


But there is no tomorrow there’s only a big stack of nows stacked on top of each other there’s just now, then there’s now, there is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, only now. No one ever woke up in the morning and when holy shit it’s tomorrow. You just don’t do it.

What memories are you creating and if you were to fast forward and you’re on your death bed what advice would you give yourself, right now? What should you be doing more of?

It’s the classic, Scrooge, isn’t it he’s got the ghost of Christmas past to see how much of a dick he was then he goes to his future and he goes fuck that.


Comes back to the present and he feels he’s had a second chance he goes ok I’m going to do things differently because I’ve got a chance to but you’ve got that exact same chance. You’ve just got to evaluate what you want, see it, and do something about it.

Yeah, yeah and on that note right now i want some lunch.

Me too and I can foresee him buying.


Damnit, i brought my wallet with me, I usually forget.