Magnificent Mango Porridge – 52 ways to do porridge!!!

This week on 52 ways to do porridge we bring you magnificent mango porridge!


This terrific tropical treat consists of coconut water, mango and desiccated coconut, yum! We know the weather here in Scotland is pretty miserable at the moment but if you make this, turn the heating up and close your eyes you can pretend you’re on a tropical island soaking up the sun, even if it’s only for a few moments of bliss.



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It’s time for a close up.

52 ways to do porridge this week

Coconut and mango

We need a name

Oh yeah

Coconut and mango

Magnificent mango

Mashed-up mango

Let’s get stuck in

We’re going to do something different this time we’re going to cook our oats in coconut water which is very good for

Electrolytes. Coconut water seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment, coconut water is better than water, it’s better than normal water, it’s better than your sports drinks, it’s just 100% coconut water

It smells like the ocean

Along with the coconut water we’re actually going to put some desiccated coconut as well

We’re just going nuts with our coconuts

Your humor is just getting worse

Right, Chef Stephen you’re on the mango chopping

Add the mango

Mango is high in vitamin c

And we all know that vitamin c is good for

I don’t

It’s good for your immune system

The marvelous mango, is that what you called it?

The marvelous mashed up mango

Rabby goes in the deep end along, the lone solider

There we have it marvelous mango and coconut porridge

It tastes good because its bounty.