The Kilted Coaches take you behind the scenes for a bit of filming

The Kilted Coaches take you behind the scenes of the filming of one of their videos to give you an insight into the less than technical world that they operate in on a daily basis to bring you their much loved Youtube videos,
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Now we’re going to do a bit of a behind the scenes filming today and our camera man, say hi camera man, he’s very kindly given up his time to come and film us filming ourselves. [laughter]

Pretty much, right?

yeah we’re filming us being filmed that makes sense?

We’re just going to forget you’re there [inaudible].

Right, so, let’s get set up the reason we’re going to do a behind the scenes for this one is because we’re being bigger idiots than we normally are – our alter egos.

This is meant to be an Ultimate Warrior wig by the way [laughter].

Pretty sure that makes me, Hulk Hogan then. Do you remember that video? The porridge?  [inaudible] old school shirts on.

Which sporrans have we got?

I think the old ones.

Did you forget to bring them?

No, no, remember the ones with the tassels on the bottom.



I think I am the biggest tit in the room.

At least I’m not the only ginger any more [laughter].

Yeah we’ll be all confused when they say “we like the ginger one”. [laughter].

He means me [laughter].

I could grow my hair long. That’s right, Joe.

Are we using the wee tripod or the big tripod?

The big one.

Look at that crazy Scottish tripod using…

Very advanced stuff.

Did you take a class in here earlier on?

We had a session, how did you know that?


We need them. We need them for part of the workout.

Jesus I look like a twat.

Don’t need a wig for that, do ya?

Do you want to film in sepia or do you just want to filter it later?

Sepia looks quite cool. Can we actually film in sepia, yeah?

Yeah, yeah.

Look at that, vintage as fuck.


Where the hell did that come from? [laughter] I don’t want to know actually. Do you want to just plug it in?

Right, that’s awesome we’re going to film in sepia.

Jock McPlop here and Bawbag McTavish, we’re going to bring you the business workout.

The only workout you need to excel in business today.

Stay sharp within the trades.

So Bawbag McTavish or Bawbag for short [laughter].

Try that one again will we?

Right Bawbag what’s first on the agenda?

[inaudible] [laughter]. Should we try that again?

Alright Bawbag, whats first on the agenda?

First on the agenda we are going to train a really strong grip it’s important to have a good strong handshake.

[background chatter]

I just gave you head [laughter].

Do you get that, James?

Giving head? [laughter] No I wouldn’t no.

I asked if you got it [inaudible] [laughter].

Good job.

And this one is as simple as they come you grab some steel and you stare at it and you stare at it and you stare at it.

Look at that stare that’s a seasoned stare that.

Right after this we’re done right, so i can take this thing off.

What Stephen just said off camera is it’s funny we’re still not 100% natural yet once we know the camera’s rolling [laughter]. We’re getting better.

Well it was a great idea doing some editing out in the sun but I can’t really see the screen.

So the next job is we take the footage from the camera and we put it on the mac [inaudible].

The tricky thing about the 4k cameras is they take a little longer to move over because the files are so much bigger.

I just noticed theres a bit of a smudge on the lens of the camera here.

[background chatter]

I hope you caught that on camera.


Its keeping it real.

So I know there’s plenty of editing software out there I think final cut pro is the most popular atm but we use iMovie because we’re not really that technical and IMovie’s really easy to use for us and I think most of our subscribers know that we’re not that technical based from the first few videos the sounds awful and the picture was awful.

I got the blame for all the sound issues.

Yeah apparently you were our sound engineer.

Yeah I think it’s because i said it once and then that was it I got labelled the sound guy. [laughter].

[background chatter]

So we have filmed straight way in sepia to save some editing on the other end so I was going to say the only problem with that is you then can’t have a coloured version but [inaudible].

There’s a black and white filter in iMovie or vintage.

So the next phase after its been edited we export it from out iMovie which sometime takes a bit of time especially now that we’re doing everything in 4K it does mean that the files are a lot bigger so it takes a lot longer once we’ve done that we then upload it to YouTube we don’t necessarily publish it right away that’s why recently we’ve had a few pelters of people saying “oh what happened to the 4K?” Let’s just use for example the man the f up mindset Monday video that was actually filmed previously we sit them on our Youtube account that way we can keep to our filming schedule and that way we can film multiple videos in one day and release them as and when so we upload them to youtube, we fill out all the necessary tags, we make a thumbnail or a bum nail as we call our Friday ones and just get ready to publish it. Once we publish it we share it on all of the necessary platforms and other than that it’s all systems go.  So nothing fancy to what we do I doubt many would be surprised at what goes on but we do al the filming ourselves all the graphic art everything really so yeah we take care of it all we publish it all all for you guys. We hope you enjoyed it.