A live Q&A with The Kilted Coaches?

The Kilted Coaches would like to say a huge thank you to their subscribers for getting them to the 5500 mark. As a thank you how does a Live Q&A sound?


If you like the idea of a Live Q&A pop on over to the YouTube channel and let The Kilted Coaches know what time and format suits you best.





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You guys did it.

In fact, you went above and beyond we wondered if you could get to 5,000 subscribers.

Let’s be fair this is all from people sharing our stuff.

Liking, sharing, commenting,

Get involved, engage with us, it all helps us grow and we honestly can’t thank you enough for that.

Thank you so much I mean what I think this morning was 5500.

Yeah 5500 almost 5600 almost.

We set you a challenge when we were on 4200 and we were like yeah there’s no way you’ll get us to 5000.

Boy did you prove us wrong.

Once again thank you very much.

And we’ve been taking on board all your comments and 99.9% of them all are very positive loving our stuff which is great and to be honest even that .1% they’re not nasty comments they’re just “guys, get the audio sorted.” “Rab, get the audio sorted.”

Why’s it my fault? Well, Rab, has got the audio sorted well is getting the audio sorted basically the system we were using was actually just a crummy little Dictaphone with one single microphone.

So, you think we’re good friends, we’re always really close together but it’s really because we only have one mic between the two of us.

We’re just sharing it.

So, see when we have this new system and we have our own microphones we’re going to be like fuck you.

Yeah we’ll be like distance apart.

Yeah so.

It’s been great you know all the comments we’ve had regarding the audio you’ve been really really constructive you know we, constructive criticism is what makes channels better, right? You could have been nasty with it but you choose not to be you were constructive with it which was great we’ve had a few snags here and there were one or two of you the room we’re in at the moment is quite big, was it the sleep video? That was the one that got the most pelters.

Yeah, yeah there was a bit of an echo, our audio device actually let us down so we had to use the audio from the camera too much echo and it was rubbish. So we apologise for that hopefully this video is a little bit better.

Again, we’re still using the old audio but…

What’s inside the box, Coach Rab?

It’s like in Pulp Fiction when he opens it and it just glows but they never ever show you what it is.

So basically we’ve got a new receiver, we’re just waiting on the transmitter coming.

Check that out.

So this is going to suck when we’re doing our out and about stuff so I don’t know how we’re going to work that.

Yeah we’re going to have to get a power source for it.

But even then that’s not going to fit in my sporran.

It might fit in my sporran.

Basically what we wanted is radio based microphones and we’ve got a good system here and we’re just waiting on the transmitter so I’ll.

Just so we can both have these microphones, battery packs and we can do what we want to do.

And then the lapel mics because we’re not sharing it they can actually sit just under the collar that way they’re not affected by wind you just hear our accents constantly after that, right? They’ll run off of the radio frequency from what I gather so yeah the audio is coming we thank you so much for the comments we are doing something about it and thank you for sticking by us.

You know the other thing is obviously we’ve got this big box and that’s going to be perfect for our studio workouts, giving some of the mindset lessons, the nutrition especially because it’s all kitchen based which is great, but there are some times when we like to go out and about and we like to get the selfie stick when we walk. Carrying that with us going for a walk is not going to be ideal so if anyone out there knows a better system that we can use where we can both be miced up without having cables everywhere and everything else then let us know, send us some links, and we will reward with a…

High five?

With an online high five especially for you.

Right any ideas if you’re a sound specialist get in touch.

It might even be that, Rab, has to get loaded up with a wee back pack and look like a wee radio man, y’know.

I guess this is just a wee thank you video, thank you, keep the comments coming, any requests? Keep them clean.

Any requests for videos, somebody did mention wellness Wednesdays.

That was a great idea… well I read the, originally they suggested thong Thursdays, maybe not.

Well, they redeemed themselves with the wellness Wednesdays.

Mindset Mondays, we could potentially do Wellness Wednesdays, so what could we do for the Fridays?

Fridays got to be a bit of a Free Friday’s really. We can release whatever the hell we want because it’s Free Friday.

From what we gather from some of the comments on the videos for examples he’s allegedly the blonde one, I’m the brunette, sometimes I’m the red head guy, or the short one, or the one with the big beard. So we just wanted to clarify for anyone that didn’t know my name is Rab and my name is Stephen and his name is Rab and his name is Stephen.

Should we put some labels on?

Shall we?

My name is, Stephen.

My name is, Rab.

So, now that we’ve established our names we’ve got an exciting idea that we want to run by you all.

So, we’ve got a lot of regulars commenting which is great, lots of good engagement, and what we’re thinking about doing is maybe a live broadcast.

Kind of like a Q&A where it’ll be late at night for us, right?

Yeah, I think, most of our audience are America, South America, Canada, there are a few on the other side of the world but the majority is in the Americas.

So yeah there’s basically what a 6, 7, sometimes 8-hour time difference, we’d like to kind of interact with you, so.

Yeah it’d be great to be able to chat live with maybe get a kind of questions coming in through email, a chat facility on YouTube that type thing. So, em let us know what time and what format would be best for you.

So yeah if you can leave in the comments, we might put a poll on this video good timing, we’d like to have a subject for the session, won’t we.

We’ll have a topic in mind maybe some suggestions for that as well. Yeah a Live Q&A, live streaming, we’ll stay up late because we’re ahead of you guys, and let us know your thoughts timing and topics.

We’ll have a bit of fun with it.

Yeah it’ll be a late night for us so we’ll have a couple of whisky’s.

Yeah that went without saying.

So keep the sharing, liking and commenting coming.

Yeah we can’t thank you enough, let us know what you like and get engaged with us.

Get subscribing.