The Kilted Coaches celebrate their first year on YouTube!

The Kilted Coaches are the original Scottish, Kilted, bearded, fitness, nutrition and mindset coaches on youtube!
And they celebrate an ENTIRE year with a montage of their nonsense from the last twelve months.
Why you ask? Well, even Rocky had a montage!

What a laugh they have had and if you haven’t subscribed already then do so now to join in the banter.

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Let’s muscle up, buttercup, let’s get stuck in.

So it’s the 26th of May. 26th of May? Got it it’s been one full year of the kilted coaches.

Happy Birthday.

Everybody loves a montage.

Even, Rocky, had a montage.

verybody loves a montage.

Even, Rocky, had a montage.

The Kilted Coaches got a montage.

So one full year what a year it’s been, right?

It’s been an incredible year, it really has, we started off, well no beard.

Took a whole year to grow a beard thanks to our new cameras mine is completely ginger. It wasn’t ginger until we got the camera.

They say the camera adds 10 lbs but they also make you ginger.

Yeah it’s been one heck of year we’ve had so much fun.

You know what looking back it has been it’s just been so much fun look how much we’ve done.

Look how much we’ve done this is all thank you guys all our subscribers guys and gals you make it worth while. We actually had this conversation just last week everything we put into the kilted coaches we do regardless because it’s great fun but actually the reward of having all the comments and amazing subscribers makes it even better.

Definitely worth while, definitely.

With this video we’ve put a special one together to kind of re-cap the whole year but we want this video to get a lot of views.

We do, we do. Other than us in front of the camera right now there’s not really any new footage it’s just a montage but,

Even, Rocky, had a montage.

The Kilted Coaches got a montage, we really want to get the views up on this video just to kinda

Please share share share

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I think we should have a wee competition, shouldn’t we?

We should we’re going to hold a little competition to really get this video out as many places as we can and we’re going to give away a special prize to one

just one because it’s one year on our second anniversary we’ll give away two prizes. Now, you have to tag us in, if it’s on Facebook, tag us in, or if it’s GooglePlus mention us.

Yeah we’re going to have a prize draw now we can’t enter you into that prize draw unless you tag us unless we know about it so please share the video and let us know that you have done so.

Share the shit out of it.

Well, buddy, it’s been quite a year.

it certainly has.

Let’s muscle up, butter cup.

It’s time to crack on.