How they met and are they gay? – The Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches start off by explaining how they met and became friends and the origins of The Kilted Coaches. They then go on to talk about the one question they get ALL the time…. Are we gay?

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Today we’re braving the Scottish flies.

The midges are out in force today.

They’re chewing us alive, literally. A few people have asked how did we meet? How did we make The Kilted Coaches?

Yeah, there’s a lot of people interested in our history and how we became such good friends so yeah we’re going to share that with you.

Yeah we’re going to so it dates all the way back to 1996 or ’97 I’m going to guess.

I’m thinking ’96 because oh actually maybe ’97 actually maybe 97′.


Anyway i think I was maybe 14 and you were 13. Yeah we had paper rounds we were paper boys and you were going on holiday – where were you going actually? OH I think it was I want to say Corfu or maybe Majorca.


So anyway I was going on holiday I had my round, Rab, had his round and, Rab, very kindly stepped in to cover my paper round.

Yup. I was the guy that was always up for extra runs if you like I was always doing extra work if I could and, Stephen, was going on holiday nobody else would do his round so, Rab, stepped in.

Yeah so that was the first meeting.

Who would have thought that all those years later that was twenty years later. Who would have thought that when we were walking round with paper bags making small talk that 20 years later we would be sitting on a log chatting shit.

Then our lives kind of followed each other all you went to the army I didn’t but when you came out you were a PT and I was into fitness. Then you worked in St Andrews at one hotel and I worked at the other one.

Yeah so these big five star hotels in St Andrews popular for a lot of golfers but at the same time we knew each other but we weren’t really good friends we would give each other a wee nod say hi in the passing but that’s as far as it really went.

and then you went to Perth First and then I kind of followed. Once we were in the same gym together it was all over. Perth didn’t know what hit it.  We’ve got a hell of a lot of stories with that one maybe that’s for another video or maybe for no videos at all.

So we’ve known each other for twenty years [2.58]