How to do press ups with The Kilted Coaches

Press ups are such a great exercise not just in their ability to get you super fit but also because they require no equipment, very little space and everyone can do them no matter what your fitness level. Let The Kilted Coaches show you how to do press ups as they take you through some variations and finish with a nice little routine you can do at home.




The Kilted Coaches – How to do press ups


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So, today we’re got a little workout for you we’re going to explain the benefits of something you can do at home, no equipment, no space…

No hassle keep it simple, stupid, right?

Who are you calling stupid?

It’s a saying. So, basically we’re going to go over the press up.

Press-ups are a great exercise aren’t they? They’ve been a firm favourite of mine for a very long time. Like, we said, you don’t need any special equipment, you don’t even have to be that strong there are variations for beginners as well.

So. we’re going to take you through each of the variations then we’re going to put them together in a little challenging routine for you.

Depending on your own fitness level you can do this on the knees but we’ll talk you through that as well.

Let’s get stuck in.

Ok, so a quick little description of the beginner’s stage which is on the knees. OK, so what we’re looking for here is a lot of people get this wrong and bring their knees too close in so what we’re looking for is a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. and the pivot comes from the knees, not the hips. OK, so Rab is going to drop his body down, brace the abs so this bit’s nice and solid, then push back up. And if you’re strong enough you can go onto the toes and do exactly the same. Now, Rab is pivoting from the toes, hips stay down and abs are braced. You’ll notice that Rab’s head is about 6inches or so in front of the hands so we’re not pushing from here.

What we do now is we introduce a few variations ok so press ups are a great exercise but we like to mix it up because otherwise you just get bored.

SO, we’re got different variations narrow and wide. When you work narrow and wide it just kind of utilises slightly different muscle groups so we’re going to try show you them all well not all but a lot of them and then we’re going to put them together in a routine for you.

The first one is probably the most difficult of all.


Diamond press up.

Thumbs and forefingers together, make a diamond shape. This utilises a lot of triceps.

I’m just going to take my sporran off.

Ok so from there he’s over the chest come straight down it’s very close use a lot of tricep.

Then what we’re going to do is take the hands slightly wider again and they’re sometimes called military press ups, right? They utilise a lot more triceps again. Bring the chest and shoulders into play now.

OK, tucking the elbows in.  Then what he’s going to do is go slightly wider again and the wider you go the more chest you use.

So he’s going to take his hands just outside shoulder width.

This is what you call a normal/standard press up.

A vanilla press-up.

Vanilla, yeah.

We’re here, just outside, here he goes again. Now we’re going to get into some hard territory, right?

Chest pumped up.

Let’s go wide. This really activates the chest. Tash to the floor, lad, tash to the floor. Now we understand doing it from the knees is one variation you can do. Another variation you can do is you can elevate the upper body, this can be against a chair, or a window ledge or something that’s just a small step. So, again by elevating the upper body it makes it slightly easier able to get a bit more reps if you’re not feeling the strength yet.

For beginners that box is a relatively decent height and obviously the higher you go with the hands the easier it becomes so that excuse of i can’t do press ups is no longer valid because let’s face it you can do it against the wall and it’s the same movement but just very very easy so depending on your strength level you can go from an up right position and go over and over and over until you find a position that challenges you.

So, if you want to make them a little bit harder that same system just coming from an upright position until you are in a full press up and you can just keep that system going. You can go the opposite way until the feet are higher than the chest. Now this makes them a little bit harder.

So, let’s put it together in a nice little routine.