Why does Coach Stephen hate Coach Rab?!

This is a behind the scenes insight into what the Kilted Coaches get up to during filming. Coach Stephen thought it would be a good idea to highlight Coach Rab’s randomness and express why he hates Coach Rab, sometimes. This made us laugh pretty hard.




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Got that feeling in my body cause I can’t stop the feeling

Hi, Coach Rab, is due in any minute now so I thought I would well we’ve got these new cameras so I thought I would tell him that I’m just experimenting and I’m just trying a few things but really I’m going to give you a behind the scenes insight into what he’s like because this is why the little things that he does ok he doesn’t do them all the time ok but I’ve just been on the phone to him where he’s in one of those moods so I hope he does what he normally does but this is why I love him but it’s also why I hate him. So I’m going to put the camera up, he’ll know it’s there, but I’m going to just tell him that we’re experimenting and I’m just trying to get used to the new camera and hopefully he won’t pick up on the fact I’m making a film. So, actually shit here he comes.

OK, yeah, so, Rab, is definitely in one of these moods yeah he’s nuts so I’m going to keep the camera rolling now so you can see exactly what he’s like he’s away to the toilet and that’s him back in now.

Can’t stop the feeling.

Hey buddy.

We good to go? Yup.

Do you know there’s a few different functions on this?

Aye, there’s that as fuck button.

I know, I know.

I have no idea what it does.

So yeah we’ve got these loads of different little buttons and what not, so.

You got your microphone on?

Yeah but it would be better if I actually switched the microphone on though, right?

So yeah I’m just going to try and experiment because we’re going to have a workout anyway we’ll delete all this footage afterwards but i we just mess around with a few things it means we can then get the best angles, focus and everything like that, so.

Can’t stop that feeling, got that feeling in my body look what it’s doing to your beard, can’t stop the feeling.

Are we getting on with this?

Yeah, let’s go, let’s go.

Got that feeling in my body.

What we starting on?

We are gonna start on big compound movement.

Can’t stop that feeling, got that feeling in my body. That’s going to get annoying fast.

What’s that phrase I used to use? You’re such a dick.

You’ve actually not said it in a while.

So the reason that we want to do this is because we want to work the tricep from three different angles we’re looking for the flat bar push down which is your strongest, we then raise it up into this position here so we’re actually stretching the tricep slightly and then we’re going to take it further again all the way up here.

Got that feeling in my body. You’ve gotta watch the movie.

Have we not had enough takes already? Put that thing away.

I don’t want to put it away.

No, put it over there.

Got that feeling, I’m going to get that in your head by the end of the session.

Right, so, where was i?

Got that feeling in my body, can’t stop the feeling.

That was like mid-set.

What’s up guys? So, I’m sat here on my sofa eating popcorn sweet and salted popcorn, it’s nice. I’m editing some videos and I’m editing the footage that I took the other day in the studio when I was trying to catch, Coach Rab, in the act messing around as he does from time to time, I’m going to call this video “Why I hate Coach Rab” he’s just random, he’s just so random sometimes, it makes me laugh. It’s why I love him but it’s why I hate him and although he was in a funny mood at the studio he didn’t do as much as he normally does so I thought it’s not going to make a very good video so I’m going to keep hold of it and add to it because we’ve got a few more days filming over the next few days some different locations and chances are he’ll do some more. So as long as I can position the camera and again I’ll just pretend that I’m trying to experiment or get a few different angles to give him we usually edit the stuff out because it’s so random but I’m going to make a video out of it just to give you that whole behind the scenes look as to what we get up to when we’re filming.

So, hopefully he’ll be in one of those moods again soon so this video doesn’t take too long to make but I’ll chat to your again soon.

Ok, so we’ve just been in doing a workout which we’ve actually filmed so, you’ll see all of that later on but I’m going to show you this little clip because it works perfectly with why I hate Coach Rab. We got a comment on YouTube and someone said “Love bare bum Fridays” and Rab thinks this is particularly funny because of something he used to say when he was younger. So, ever since we had that comment he has been singing the bear necessities from the Jungle Book I wouldn’t say non-stop but pretty much.

Well, here’s the clip.

I don’t even know the rest of the words.

How does the chorus go?

Look for the bear necessities the simple bear necessities.

You are a bit of a bear after all.

OK, so I’m at location just in a wee car park waiting for, Coach Rab, I’ve got something planned for him just to get him back for all of the messing around that he does and em well you’ll see what’s to come.

Well good morning we are on the hunt for the next location for you.

We’re always on the hunt for a new location.

We believe there’s a nice location up this way so as always trying to do you proud  and actually I need to stop looking at the screen and start looking at the lens. We got called out on that they’re like you’re too busy looking at yourselves.

Posers, posers.

if this location doesn’t work out there’s the other one there’s one up here with the bear.

The bear?

Yeah, the bear. We’ve been round here tons of times you must have seen the one with the bear.

What are you talking about?

Are you telling me when you come here you don’t look for the bear necessities the simple bear necessities. No?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again so listen up, you’re such a dick. I’ve lost my train of thought now.

Ok so this is filmed after the bit that you’re about to see I had something planned for him which obviously you’ll see in a second. The bit that you’ve just seen has completely played into my hands and is actually going to make this video even better and it was absolutely spot-on.

Right, so we’ve found a nice scenic location a nice kind of moody wood for this video.


So, we’re ready to crack on.

It’s pretty green.

What you doing? You know we’re recording right? I thought this was a Wednesday video.

Look for the bear necessities the simple bear necessities forget about your worries

i mean the bear necessities mother natures recipe.

and this is the type of shit that I’m talking about. Look at that, what is he like?

Can’t stop the feeling.

You’re such a dick.

I was just filming a little vlog there for our audience say Hi Coach Rab.

Hi, Coach Rab.

So, you’re still in one of those moods, are ya?

Yeah, I’m going to go home and have some steak in a bowl.

Bye, bye.