A Gun Pump workout From The Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches take you through one of their favourite Gun Pump routines.
It is a nice routine of try-sets for both the biceps and triceps, starting both series off with a compound movement to fire up the muscles.

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Right so now we are going to give you a little gun workout.

Welcome to the gun show.

Big question that a lot of guys especially want to have big impressive arms and we’ve been asked a few times what to do for the arms it’s just nice to get a bit of a pump on now and again so we’re going to show you exactly what it takes.

So basically we’re going to give them eight exercises of our standard gun workout.

Yeah, so, basically what we’re looking at is we like to start with a big compound movement to get a lot of weight through the muscle first not to fatigue the big lifters but just to get the tension through the smaller muscles so we’re looking at big compound back exercise that includes the biceps.

Big compound chest exercise that includes the triceps.

So we only do one set of each of those just to kind of get everything fired up and then we like to start with the biceps.

And we’re going to do a triple-set.

A triple-set, so what we’re looking at is trying to work the biceps over a few different angles. The bicep goes over two joints so we’re looking at a normal bicep curl like so. If you just change the angle of your arm from here to here you just change the way your bicep works slightly then we’re going to go from there into the high movement using a cable we’re just trying to stretch one side of it [inaudible].

Then for the triceps we’re going to go flat-bar push downs–

cable machine.

–then we’re going to get the bar out and do a couple of skull-crushers and then to polish them off we’re going to get the rope and the over head cable.

Again it’s just really working those triceps again it goes over two joints the flat arm push down works them here you then take the shoulder to a different angle so it’s the skull-crusher when you’re lying on your back and then the overhead you’re then fully stretching them there so it’s just a few different angles to really really get the blood pumped into the muscles. I’ll let you say it…

Let’s muscle up butter cup.

Let’s get stuck in [laughs].

So time for our compound movement.

Get the bench press on the go, there.

Yeah get it set up for us.

We’ll get a good pump from that anyway. So just to get the blood flowing to all of the pushing muscles your chest, shoulders, the triceps.

What we’re looking for is maximum weight through the triceps although the chest does most of the movement on this the triceps are experiencing the weight so we just like to start with that before we get our gun pump.

I feel stronger already.


Right so we’re starting with the flat bar and it’s pretty much full stack well I say pretty much it is the full stack because we can’t go any heavier [inaudible]

Just because he’s showing off.

Let’s see I won’t get any reps now.

What we like to do here with the skull-crushers is go with the T-Bar we’re just changing the grip from the flat-bar to the T-bar position.

With the rope with the overhead we increase the range of motion when i pull it out I’m really stretching all of the way out and hitting a different part of the triceps.

Well, the guns are pumped, feeling good, that’s a favourite work-out of ours.

Yeah just a good pump-up.

If you’re ever looking to feel good about yourself you want to feel your arms big, right?

What’s that movie? Pain and Gain.

Oh yeah, “I can’t think I’ve got to get a pump on.”

He’s just killed a guy and he’s like can I get a pump on.


And the weird thing is The Rock is just standing at the bend like “yes, good”

“feel the burn”

But you do, you think clearer when you’ve got a pump on. So, we hope you enjoyed that workout fairly straight forward, right?

Give it a try yourself and let us know how your arms are feeling in three days time.