How to get great glutes

How to build a butt! The kilted coaches talk you through the type of workout required for getting great glutes. This is a bit of a cheeky workout in more ways than one.



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So, upon request we are going to give you a glutes workout.

Squeeze those glutes.

So, yeah, we’ve been asked a few times about “How’d you get an ass like that?” and I don’t know what they mean, where have they seen our asses?

I can’t think.

They seem to think they’ve seen our asses, anyway, so we’re going to show you a great glutes workout.

Sweet, let’s get stuck in.

First and foremost, we like to pre-activate the glutes.

It’s all about the mind muscle connection without that it doesn’t matter how many squats and lunges you do you just won’t make that connection with the muscle so we have to feel the muscle.

This is an issue that football players, soccer, sprinters if they run predominately with their quads these are some really sneaky moves that you can get to really activate the glutes and it’s quite simple, eh? Squeeze.


So, there’s different ways of doing this.
Can’t really tell that I’m squeezing right now.

No, you can’t so if you turn around, Rab, what we’re really basically is that activation so just imagine you’re basically thrusting your hips forward and locking out so really squeeze the glutes. Now, if, Rab, was wearing shorts normally we’d be able to see the glute squeeze but he’s not so we’ll just have to imagine.

You wee bastard.

Glute squeeze number one. Basically there’s different forms of activation we can do what’s called a glute bridge. What we’re looking for is actually just activating the glutes now we do that by popping the head down and then lifting the hips up and exactly what, Rab, just did and I squeeze the glutes and push up as high as you can so it’s nice and solid.

This will pre-activate this will wire the glutes and the brain to one. We’re going to do further movements basically your brain’s going to say, right the energy systems in the glutes are fired up, they’re ready to help.

Every time we lunge or squat or do any sort of leg movement afterward you should be able to feel the muscles working. If you’re not really into training that might take a little while but eventually persevere and you will feel your glutes.

So exercise number one is going to be walking lunges.

How fit you are will dictate how deep you go into that lunge.

And if you’re a seasoned trainer you could add weight into the mix.

So, Stephen’s going to get his onto the back of his shoulders, if you’ve got a training partner they can do that for you. Now it’s exactly the same but a good trick here is keep the eyes nice and high as the weight will try to pull the body forward. Squeeze the core in as you step forward and it will help you stay nice and upright. Wow, look at that form.

Exercise number two is the classic squat. You keep the chest proud, head up, and we’re going to sink into the squat pushing your knees out wide and as you come up you really want to be squeezing the glutes just as we did in the activation.

I’ve got a draft in my kilt.

To keep connection with your glute always push from your heel, a lot of people will squat and actually rock onto their toes, that’s just going to make you very thigh dominant which we don’t want to do. We want to keep all the weight at the back and actually have about 60 to 70% of your bodyweight on your heels. So, then we’re sticking the hips out and coming up and thrusting forward squeezing the glutes.

It’s all about the thrusting.

Ok again for more of a seasoned trainer what we’re going to be doing is what’s called a Romanian or a stiff-legged deadlift. There is a slight difference between the two but what we’re looking for is a bit of a stretch in the hamstrings and the glutes. So, we’re going to keep the shoulders back, we’re going to lock the shoulder blades together and then we’re going to pivot from the hips that’s just tilting at the hips, stick the ass out as far as you can, keep the chest proud and then we slowly come over, we should feel a big stretch up the hamstrings don’t bend the back too much and as we lift up you’re going to squeeze the glutes as much as you can and then we repeat the process keeping the shoulders pinned back stick the hips out. So, Rab, has perfectly straight legs his knees are locked out you can do a slight variation of that just to save the knees a little bit if you want to is a slight bend in the knees, slightly wider legs and it’s exactly the same thing you’re still pivoting from the hips, you’re just sticking your ass out as far as you can and you’re squeezing the glutes. There we are.

On any great glute workout, you’re always looking for that squeeze and you’re looking to get the muscles burning as much as you can. If you want great glutes you need to get some blood flow into the muscle itself which means repetition after repetition after repetition. Do it until you get wobbly legs.

Let’s get wobbly.

So, there we are great glutes.

Great glutes, it’s all about working hard, push yourself out the comfort zone and make your legs wobbly.

Right, buddy, are we done?

We’re done.