How to get abs after 40 (men)

The Kilted Coaches give you some great tips and a structure to getting your abdominal muscles showing even after the age of forty. This video is specifically for men including supplementation and important nutrients to increase testosterone.













So, we’ve had an email in from a gentleman who’s asking us if it’s still possible to get abs after forty.

We thought we’d answer that question for you now everything we give today will apply to not just over forty but over fifty and over sixty too.

Of course, yeah and it’s not as simple as let’s just do more crunches there’s a whole array of different principles that you need to put in place.

Ultimately what we’re going to do is we’re going to lower the body fat percentage, so you can see the blooming abs.

We need to look at your hormone balance.

Testosterone estrogen, because as guys we need a lot of testosterone.

Modern lives and the food that we eat and the environment that we’re in brings our estrogen level up typically and testosterone levels down so we need to reverse that to get the balance right.

We’re also going to look at diet, that’s for lowering the body fat as well, eat more of the right food and less of the wrong foods.

And then your general activity, your outlook on life and your mood is going to have a huge effect on your body fat percentage and your ability to burn body fat.

So we’ll be looking at hormones, diet, training.

General lifestyle.

So, let’s get on with some ab training.

Let’s get stuck in.

So bog standard we need to get some crunches in you need to be getting in at least 5 days a week I’d recommend two days on and one day rest, probably a minimum of 500 reps a day if you’re serious about this.

Prayer crunches, squeeze the abs at the top.

But it’s not just about crunches we need to make sure that the abs are lengthened and you’re using them in a slightly different way, it’s not about shortening them we need to look at your twists and your lengthening exercises and I’ll show you a few of those right now.

So, most people know about a plank ok a plank’s a great exercise which I’ll show you now ok so we’re just making sure that the back is nice and solid, glutes are activated and what we’re doing from there is I want you to lengthen the abs a little bit more and start to really challenge the abs so if you’re really serious about getting these abs after forty what you want to be doing is slowly sliding away, extending away as far as you feel you can and walk back up again. Then what we’re thinking about is the obliques as well try to get that rotation in so the best way to do that is we can just hover, lift the legs and then we can just go side to side from there we can also add a weight to that something as simple as a kettle bell we can then go side to side with that kettle bell and that’s just going to start to strengthen your oblique and lengthening the abs as well.

So the next stage is you need to get some cardio done.

It’s really important to get your heart rate up and get the fat burning on the go.

Try for a minimum of 45 minutes at a time and look to do that for about four to five times per week.

Get the fat burned off, get the fat through.

Any sort of cardio is good, swimming, cycling, whatever,

Running, powerwalking, skipping if you like.

I was thinking like the boxer skip.

So, we’re going to look at the hormones, alright.

It’s important to get this balance right because no matter how much training you do how good your diet is, if you don’t have your hormones balanced, it ain’t going to work.

First of all, for us guys we need to increase our testosterone now there’s many ways of doing that; weight training, will increase your testosterone. Our bodies are designed to build muscle and it just stimulates the system to get going. Other ways of increasing it are increasing the amount of zinc in your diet ok now zinc you can get through oysters, spinach, some red meats as well. Arginine’s a good one for the blood flow and also if you fancy venturing into the supplement side of things you can get all those within a supplement and tribulus comes from a plant and it’s a natural test booster and it’s been generally made into tablet capsule form so those are the three main things that you can include in your diet to really boost your testosterone production and build those muscles up, get the abs through.

Make sure you’ve got the basic right first; get the weight training, and make sure your diet is on point which we’ll go into after.

Above and beyond that we need to get your estrogen levels down so it’s the estrogen testosterone level, modern life as I said, estrogen levels up just from the food’s that we’re eating and our lifestyle and that’s why we end up storing just a little bit more body fat around the mid-section and the chest area.

And also with time as we get older us guys we produce less testosterone.

We need to try and counteract the estrogen we need to get that down by first looking at your diet so there’s natural estrogen within certain foods the main one’s actually flax/flaxseed. It can be in a lot of breads which again a lot of people will eat and the next one is soya. Most soya based products will be, great for the ladies, but actually it’s going to increase your levels so maybe for the guys I’d cut that one out. And then we’re moving on ok so those are the two main ones that we’ve to cut out and then we come down you’ve got things like chickpeas and all the different legumes, black peas, split peas, that type of thing. Then further down the list we have dairy products and what not there’s a bit of a question mark around dairy whether it does or not but it’s worth looking at your dairy intake any way. Because a lot of people have very high dairy intake.

If you cut some dairy it will help lower the body fat which will get those abs out.

So increase the testosterone, get the estrogen levels down.

So, we need to address the diet.

Making sure that you’ve got a nice balanced diet is going to be essential for a six pack.

So, first of all we want to increase the protein so nice and simple you want to eat 2.2kg of protein per KG of bodyweight. Protein sources we want fish, you can get away with red meat but preferably white meat so your, chicken, fish, turkey that kind of thing. Particularly the fish, that’s a great one and if you can splash out for oysters because again the zinc content is high as we mentioned earlier.

There we go. Making sure that your diet is balanced is going to be essential here so generally speaking you want to have protein at every single meal of the day and roughly a fist-sized is going to be good enough so you can say 2.2g per kg of body weight you can work that our yourself but if you have three to four portions of protein so you’re talking about a large chicken breast, a steak, a big fish, that type of thing, three to four meals a day, then you should be good.

So, increase the protein and now we’re going to look at carbs.

Carb intake just balance it out with your exercise. If you’re exercising on a regular basis you might need a little bit of carbs just for that energy to go through your workout. If you’re not exercising, then start because you need to be training to get that testosterone up as well. Look to see when you’re exercising, have a little bit of carbs after training, and other than that just kind of keep it to a minimum.

So basically increase the protein and stick to carbs just after training.

Just after training. You can drip feed the carbs throughout the day but the big carb meals, get more protein and more vegetables into your meals.

So, if you want a wee bit more carbs do a bit more training.

Do a bit more training indeed.

So, there you have it nice and straight forward.

Takes a little bit of practice to get these into your lifestyle on a regular basis but if you do you’ll get abs after forty no problem at all.

Quick recap raise testosterone, lower estrogen, eat more protein, watch your carb intake, do more cardio and get in some weight training.

And all of that the most important thing is that you make a plan and once you’ve made that plan.