Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Routine

A dynamic stretching routine that you can do before any workout to prevent injury and maximise performance.






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Right, we’ve got a nice location for you today so we’ve had a lot of questions for this video.

Upon request we are going to give you our warm-up routine.

It’s going to be a dynamic warm-up.

We want to get the joints mobilised every joint from the ankles, knees, the hips, all the way up the spine, the shoulders, the elbows. Absolutely everything mobilised as much as possible.

So this dynamic warm-up you could use for any activity it doesn’t matter what you’re going to do you could do this warm-up first or as much of it as you can. If there are certain movements you can’t do obviously miss those ones out but there are so many different complex movements anyway.

To be honest you could take this warm-up routine times it by five and make it a bit of a low level workout.

Yeah you could actually.

it isa bit of a workout as well so start small build it up it’s important to really warm each joint up get the tendons and the ligaments elasticity kind of warmed up as well.

So key points in any warm-up is you want to first of all you know you want to increase the heart rate.

Yup, get some blood pumping around your body.

You want to bring heat to the muscles by mobilising them through movement hence the dynamic part.

And also heat to the joints you want to get the synovial fluid through your joints and that’s every joint in your body from your ankles, all the way up, and especially around your spine.

By raising your body temperature as well you prime your brain for activity.

So we’ve got a series of movements here working on every single joint in the body in a dynamic way.

Which basically means we’re going to be doing them and moving through them. You don’t necessarily want to be doing static stretches prior to activity because that reduces power.

Unless you have got overly tight muscles say for instance you were you want a back routine but you have an overly tight chest. A static stretch for the chest can sometimes allow more movement for the back. However, if you’re also going to do a chest routine it’s maybe not the best idea because it will actually deactivate the muscles we don’t want to deactivate unless you’ve got an imbalance.

So static stretching after a workout. Before a workout dynamic.

Do you want to say it?

Muscle up buttercup.

Let’s get stuck in.

Basically if you did that for 4 or 5 sets it could be like a mini workout.

it could, it could. Anyway, are we warmed up?

We’re warmed up, buddy.

Well, its time to crack.

Well if you did that for four or five sets it could be like a mini workout.

It would be, it would be.

There we have it, nice routine.

So there we have it nice warm-up routine.

Pulses raised, body warmed.

The blood is pumping there are many variations of that same routine the most important thing is that every joint gets mobilised, heart rate comes up and blood pumps round the veins.

If you did that for… sorry you have no idea how many times we’ve done this in the first cut. i think we just roll with this one.


I’m not doing it again.

Right, time to crack on.