Change your environment for ultimate success

If you had a sick fish would you just treat the fish or would you change the water?
This is the philosophical question the Kilted Coaches ask and delve into their thoughts and theories. If you want to change your body, change your environment. And that means more than just diet and exercise.





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So change your environment for a weight loss perspective sometimes it can be small changes. You were flapping there, He very nearly changed his environment quickly.

Right so first of all we had some nice scenery planned for you but on the camera it just looked rubbish I mean there’ some sheep behind you but really it’s just a bit of grass and you can’t really see the hills so we thought we would go up a tree instead.

Let’s tell the truth this massive dog came along right and we’re obviously scared of dogs, we were like feck that.

We were like let’s get up that tree.

Hide, hide, it’s gone now, well at least we think it’s gone.

So we’re going to randomly film this video up a tree.

Yeah, you’re a bit more balanced than I am.

Yeah I’ve got this really sturdy stick to hold on to

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So, Stephen, it is time for another Mindset Monday.

Mindset Monday.

So, as you can tell it’s a little bit chilly today we’ve got our hats and gloves on well I’ve got my gloves on anyway.

I had my gloves on.

And we’re up a tree on a cold branch.

Yup, hoping it’s going to take our weight. So, this episode we’re going to give you an analogy first of all and it’s basically this is say you had a fish and that sick wasn’t feeling very well so you take it to the vet I guess or you try to treat it yourself do you just treat the fish or would you also change the water?

That’s a good question. Another way of looking at this is if you had a house plant and the leaves started to go brown and it started to look and it looked unhealthy, would you just paint the leaves green again? No.

You want to get to the root of what the problem and deal with it there otherwise your fish will keep getting sick or your plant.

Will keep dying.

Yup, so basically what this is about is getting to the root of the problem.

Yeah, yeah, looking at you as an individual and hopefully you’re watching these episodes from us because you want to be healthier and happier that’s our underlying message, so, if you realise a problem within yourself are you just going to treat the symptoms which a lot of people do. Again, one of our specialties is weight loss so a lot of people say right I’m going to go on a diet for three months I’m going to lose this weight but they never really change much about their environment.

They basically try and change everything about themselves but they then maybe now this could be harsh but then they still socialize with friends who very much believe in not taking care of themselves or eating badly or drinking too much so what happens is this individual may make every effort mid-week to get to the gym, follow their diet plan but the minute they run into their friends or their social circles because they haven’t changed their environment what happens then is they just fall back into their own ways and then ultimately they say I’m not succeeding the gym didn’t work for me or whatever.

Yup, yup unless you change your whole environment you’ll always go back to your old ways your body will always adapt to your environment and that’s really important to understand. Y’know if you’re trying to lose weight for instance yeah you can change your diet, you can change your exercise habits but look at the picture as a whole and change as much as you can about it little by little.

Little by little.

So one of the most common problems that we’ve experienced with people who ask for our help is trying to lose weight so you’re trying to symptom of, the symptom is being overweight ok so they say right I’m going to go on this extreme diet I’m going to fast, I’m going to do the 5:2 diet, or I’m going to stop eating completely, I’m going to cut out all the foods, I’m going to go and do multiple hours at the gym and cardio training. Ultimately you’re trying to lose the fat, lose the fat and it works and this is then the problem. Going back to our analogy of the fish or the house plant, if I was just to paint the leaves green on my house plant and maybe prop up the stem with a little wooden stick, yeah, it might look much better it will look but much better but it doesn’t fix the fact that that it is dying.

So, by you going extreme and trying to treat the symptom of being overweight just as it is you’re failing to neglect the environment.

Temporary fixes that’s the problem there, isn’t it?


So, what we need you to do is to look at your whole environment in other ways changing more than just your diet, more than just your exercise routing, changing everything really. Look at everything that’s causing you to gain weight or be unhappy and change it.

Make a whole lifestyle change, maybe one step at a time, but nonetheless have it in mind that you’re going to be changing everything so you’re going to be this new fish, in a new set of water, thriving.

Yup. The way this works with the human mind is the subconscious is actually responsible for 90% of our daily actions and what we come to experience. 90% that’s a hell of a lot and that comes down to changing your environment, so the magazines that you read, do you read gossip trashy magazines or do you read Men’s Health or Women’s Health magazines. What kind of TV programmes do you watch? Do you watch TV or do you sit and read books? What kind of people do you hang around with? What are you friends and family? What sort of message are they giving you? Everything comes into your subconscious so you have to be mindful of every aspect of your life and look at the environment as a whole rather than individual aspects.
So if we were to take some of these tips say change your environment for a weight loss perspective sometimes it can be small changes. You were flapping there, He very nearly changed his environment very quickly. So, small changes that you can make to your environment might be something simple like, let’s just say you’ve got a few people living with you at home say you embark on a diet plan and you know that when you get weak you get a craving for let’s say chocolate biscuits or cookies if you’re over in the states there now the problem is if you have people in your household who also eat those biscuits they’re always going to be in your household so your environment is inviting you to fail but ultimately one of the small changes you can make is get everything like that out of the cupboards, you’ve got to be strong here, and just say yeah I understand there’s other people in the house but for me to succeed my environment must change and therefore all these foods that are ready for you to grab the second you feel like quitting your diet are too ready there for you so you’ve got to get rid of that type of stuff.


Sometimes work environments perhaps you’re in a work environment that have the sort of habits that there’s cakes brought round at lunch time and suddenly that’s part of your environment and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re at your work every day and there’s cakes coming round and it’s inviting you to fail so then it’s a case of making sure you speak to the people that bring the cakes to make sure that they’re not coming anywhere near you to understand that you’re embarking on a particular goal and you need to change your environment and that’s not healthy for your environment.

A lot of people say “I wish I had more willpower”, what we’re talking about here and we’ll do a more in-depth video on willpower, but a lot of people will thin I just don’t have any will power but what we’re saying here is try to negate the need for willpower. Change your environment you don’t need willpower not to have cookies if there’s no cookies in the house you can’t have them anyway so it doesn’t matter how much willpower you have or not.

So, change your environment and negate the need for willpower or as much willpower. Now willpower can come into it in small doses and that’s fine but if you’ve got cookies at home and this is just one example, if you’ve got cookies at home say you’ve got an iron will you know I’m not going to have those cookies, if you’re hungry, if you’re on a diet, let’s face it if you’re one a diet or you’re trying to be fitter and healthier you are going to get hungry from time to time. Now if those cookies are there and they’ll talk to you day in and day out every time you open that cupboard and you see them.

Hello, Stephen.

What we were saying before about the subconscious every time your subconscious is thinking about that sugar and the fat and the niceness of them. Sooner or later no matter how strong your willpower is you’re going to break so negate the need for willpower and change your environment.

So, ultimately what we’re saying here is changing your environment to get ultimate success.

Yes, change your environment for ultimate success.

There’s the title of the video right there, right?

Changing you is fine but you need to change your environment too.

Speaking of which I am going to get down from this tree and change our environment before we fall.

Well as we said we’re going to get to the root of the problem.

Let’s get to the root of this tree.

I looked away but the camera didn’t.