How to build big pecs with The Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches deliver their advice on how to develop your pecs. We are currently using a workout we created called failure+4. Developing muscle is all about creating a stress within the muscle and this workout certainly does that.




























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OK, good morning, it is 7am which is actually a long lie for me we are just heading down to the studio I’m going to meet, Rab, down there and we are going to have a nice early morning workout before breakfast. And, it’s a nice day.

So, we recorded a video the other day and it was about valuing your time and valuing other people’s time and I’m 15…17 minutes late for Coach Rab. Clearly I value my time more than I value his which is not good so sorry Coach Rab I will make a better effort next time.

Yeah ladies and gentlemen say good morning, Coach Rab, and this is the type of shit I’ve got to put up with. I mean I like to think that I’m a fairly cheery happy person in the morning but this is just taking the piss.

Ok, so, we’re locked out of the studio for some reason I have no idea why.

He probably hasn’t paid his bill.

Ok, we’re at the gym and it’s time for some coffee.

Good morning.

I’ve still not got my kilted coaches mug look how tired this bugger looks, i feel sorry for it. What we’re going to do is we’re going to take you through the training that we’re doing at the moment or certainly the concept of it anyway.

Yeah it’s a nice little idea that we’re trying out and actually it’s been pretty damn effective.

Yeah, so our concept well the idea that we’re using at the moment is failure+4.

If you follow us on Instagram then you’ve seen a picture of this already or Facebook. if you’re not following us, why the hell not? It’s Failure+4 it’s a really really nice but it’s quite brutal isn’t it? concept. We tried it a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been doing it ever since.

It’s basically taking full advantage of your training partner we will be supersetting our movements however we only do the Failure+4 on the complex movements on the first movement.

We’re going to failure on an exercise where the muscles literally can not do anymore and then your training buddy or your training asshole because they basically extend the pain that you’re going through then forces you to do 4 more reps by giving you a little bit of help. It is pretty brutal but pretty damn effective.

Yeah, my chest was sore for I think five days after rather than the usual one or two.

Right, let’s muscle up butter cup.

Let’s get stuck in.

So, Coach Rab, is up first and before we go into the main movement what we like to do is get the chest really fired up so the chest knows that it’s going to be worked. We do this using cable crossover one set of 20 reps gets the chest pumped up.

Always safety first so we do a quick warm-up set stick some twenties on there get the muscles conditioned for what’s to come 132lb warm-up I think that’s accurate.

and we’re just grabbing another quick sip of coffee before we get stuck in.

Ok, so, we’ve stepped this up a little bit so we’re up to 100 kilos now which is 220 lbs so this set I’ll do as many as I can until I buckle and then, Coach Stephen, will pick up the slack.

Training in kilts does come with it’s drawbacks 1 when I’m standing over Coach Rab’s head he’s either going to get an eye full or a sporran to the forehead.

I’m looking for about 12 reps-isa because I’m not as strong as, Coach Rab, I’m going with 90kg which is just short of 200 lbs I think.

Right, we’ve stepped up a little bit the same principle still applies still Failure+4 but I doubt I’ll get 12 with this one.

By step up a little bit he means a big bit.

So that’s at what 264 lbs now?

I’ll need to take my sporran off for this one, sporran’s off.

I don’t know what’s worse.

Right, my second set 100kg 220 lbs.

Well, so, that’s exercise number one and two.

Yup we stuck to that principle it’s Failure+4 again you can apply that to virtually any exercise.

Yup the only ones you can’t really do for failure is your squats and deadlifts because it’s just…

Deadlift’s definitely a no-no but squats you

Squats you can spot slightly but if you’re going to failure the spotter’s going to take a hell of a lot of weight and it’s a bit awkward.

It’s dangerous as well, eh?

Yup, use your intelligence with that one but for lots of other exercises yup let’s do it. It really does fatigue the muscles.

So, we’re just going to crack on with the rest of our workout, show you a few snippets of what we’re doing.

Just a mixture of different exercises for the chest and triceps.

Lets us get a bit of a pump on.

You too, Buddy, say bye bye.


That was a nice little workout time to go home and have some breakfast.