52 ways to do porridge this week we bring you bananarama porridge. This is a very straight forward recipe that has a delicious result. All you need to add to your porridge are banana, cinnamon and honey…scrumptious!

We even get the opinion of the one and only Deadpool!!! Check out the video below to see what he thinks of our bananarama porridge!!!



Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 15.28.53

Deadpool approved!

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52 ways to do porridge this week

Banana, cinnamon and honey

So we need a name for this


I knew you were going to say that I was thinking I was thinking that I was like, yeah!



Let’s get stuck in

Nice and easy so we’re going to cook our porridge up with hot water like we normally do stir that in

That’s cooking up nicely already actually

So straight away we want to be adding in some cinnamon and the banana

So we’ll just cook away like that

It’s your job now

Chef Stephen is…I’m actually quite impressed with that were you just winging it there?

Yeah as fast as i could

Now do you remember the last time we did cinnamon?

I try not to

Yeah let’s not do anything silly

I don’t see what the big problem is

Well there obviously is a problem because…

Now we’re going to mix that banana through first of all then we’ll add our cinnamon

We want a whole banana in there don’t we?

Oh yeah whole banana

We don’t call it bananarama for nothing

Just a little sprinkle

Like we did last time

The Kilted Coaches can not be trusted with cinnamon, god that’s a tongue twister, right?

The Kilted Coaches can not be trusted with cinnamon

The Kilted Coaches can not be trusted with cinnamon

So the benefits of having banana in your porridge is it’s very high in potassium
let’s pour that bad boy

Here we are that looks pretty good already but there’s something missing


We didn’t actually put that much cinnamon in it but it really comes through, nice

So there we have it bananrama porridge

so, what do you think?

What do you think? I think you should get this porridge out of my face and bring the chimichangas.