Rabby’s Ramblings. Week beginning July 25th

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Well it’s been another crazy week of filming. What do, getting naked in the woods, being bitten by bugs in a predator mask and climbing a hill dressed as a 1920’s tosser have in common??

Absolutely nothing at all! But that’s the kind of week it’s been!

I am Kilted Coach Rab and you are reading my nonsensical reflections on the week past.

First of all we released the porridge video ‘porridge pancakes.’
I’ll cut to the chase, Stephen loved them, I thought they tasted like shit! Each to their own!
But we had so much fun with that gimmick. The whole ‘backwards’ concept we got from an old episode of red dwarf which we modified to suit our needs but I tell you it was pretty difficult to film. You have to essentially state what you are going to do after you have done it. The script took a bit to create and we were so bamboozled that we actually left it on the table in shot.

School boy error.


Thursday saw the release of our extended episode which included an ‘out and about’ walk in falkland, a visit to an organic farm and a food piece with an awesome chef.

If there is one thing I could say about filming for the Kilted Coaches is that we have so much fun doing it. It doesn’t feel like work in the slightest and hopefully shows on camera.
The out and about piece had us venturing into waterfalls which, i’ll be blunt, were bloody damn cold! The scene where we dunked into the big fall was actually the morning after our ‘kilted camping’ (an episode coming soon) and we were pretty bloody rough. Surprisingly though, after the shock of the cold water our hangovers vanished. I mean they were gone like a fart in the wind. I suppose the science behind it all must be the adrenaline rush but bugger me it worked!


The funniest day this week, for me personally, was when we filmed scenes for the up and coming episode ‘air ambulance’ which has a gimmick on the end that’s linked with the piece. Yes I know what you’re thinking, more nonsense, but I think it is still worth a watch.

So you are probably thinking now “Rab, what the feck was with that opening two lines?”
Well i’ll tell you. Ok I won’t disclose too much but lets just say there was a porridge gimmick that required us to show a bit more skin, more specifically more cheek, and this was outdoors where any dog walker may have rambled past. I really have no clue what I would have said to him/her other than maybe “damn its hot out here.”

Although perhaps, to save our manhoods, I should say its cold.

The cold shrinks a few inches right?

Well that’s it for another week. I hope you enjoyed everything we had to offer.

Yours in fitness.

Cheeky Coach Rab