52 Ways to do Porridge – Peach Protein Porridge 22

The Kilted Coaches deliver another great porridge recipe in their 52 ways to do porridge series. We were lucky enough to get some freebies from Graham’s the family dairy and we just thought it went perfect with Scottish porridge oats.








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So 52 ways to do porridge

Mother ***** that’s my line.

You just stole a spoon from me.

You do everything, you know what I’ll just go and stand over here.

52 ways to do porridge this week…

Protein 22 boom.

It actually sounds pretty epic protein 22 porridge let’s get stuck in,

Let’s get stuck in.

So in case you missed our last video well not our last video but our last video on Grahams dairy protein 22 product.

We got some freebies.

We got some freebies.

Well anyway we thought it was a cheese thing and turns out it’s more of a yoghurt moussey type thing and has 22 grams of protein per tub which is fecking awesome.

It’s bloody tasty too.

I’ve not actually tasted the peach yet so I reckon we should make the porridge with the peach.

So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make up some porridge which we’re doing at the moment once that’s cooked we’re just going to put this through it, right?


Peach porridge 22.

Peach protein porridge 22.

Anyway, this is going to be pretty epic I reckon it’s going to be one of our best ones yet it’s bloody delicious stuff.

Good protein and good calcium we’re going to get from the porridge as well.

It’s going to be quite a good dish.

I’m actually enjoying flicking this actually.

I wonder how many times you can do that before you drop it.

That’s about five so far.



Rab, stirring the porridge.

Make our wee pyramid again.

That’s just cause your OCD couldn’t stand it, could it?


I’m just going to play a little jenga.

Fluffy porridge.

Well that’s us done.


A whole bowl of porridge like that.

Grahams peach protein 22.

Look at that, I don’t know if you can see that on the camera. It looks nice, it smells nice. Protein is essential, absolutely essential for building lean muscle. So, if you’re wanting some good muscle and some firm glutes.

Ok I’m going to try this but that looks pretty hot.

Look at that.

That actually looks pretty awesome bring that to the camera.

I’m going to bring you over.

I think that’s going to be amazing by the way.

That looks amazing you know what else would be good in that some blueberries or something like that.

Chuck one of these in will we?

Oh look at that.


That is definitely one of our better ones.

That is damn good.

Well there we have it peach protein 22 porridge.

PPP 22.

Have we not had a PPP before?

Yeah what was it? Protein pancakes.

Protein porridge pancakes.

Grahams protein 22 in with porridge just becomes P22.

P cubed.

P cubed it is.

Grahams protein 22.

Your protein game is strong.