You Don’t Need a PhD in Coconuts to Eat a Bounty Bar.

You don’t need a PhD in coconuts to eat a Bounty bar! Too many times people start a new year with all these wonderful ideas about wanting to lose weight. Instead of starting with the basics, they concoct complicated regimes or even invest in expensive programmes when all they really need to do is ‘keep it simple stupid’.

As soon as Rab said to me earlier ‘you don’t need PhD in coconuts to eat a bounty bar’, I though that is so true. Its very much like ‘you don’t need to be a mechanic to be able to drive a car’. You don’t need to know every little thing about everything that you are doing. You just need to know how it works or that it does work.

So this goes perfectly with most peoples ideas about how their diet should be in January. They start thinking about all the small component parts, the extremes of what is going to be healthy and what is going to be good for getting their goals. They get it into their they will be doing a super duper turbo diet, and im going to Strat off with the cleansing phase where I eat but egg shells because have an enzyme that breakdown whatever…

It this time if year that you always hear of the cleansing or the detox diet. Detox yourself after the holiday period. The human body has been doing that for hundreds of thousands of years since we started evolving. We have evolved a liver that detoxes your body and a bunch of other stuff. Your body naturally detoxes you. You don’t need a special supplement, diet or paying over the odds to do that.

So what we are saying is keep it simple stupid. Stick to the basics. We both have our own particular diets and they work well for each of us, even though they are slightly different. Some of us over indulge over the Christmas period and will generally have more food than usual. who it comes to January time, we don then say ‘right, I need to detox my body’ we just go back to our normal diet as it was before the Christmas period. Its taken about 10 days to 2 weeks to put on a few extra pounds, so its going to about the same time to get it back off again.

Stick to the basics! Think of your hydration, getting your vegetables in, eating clean food. We actually have a free fat loss e-book that will give you these very tips! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on all these different supplements or these crazy sets! You just need to stick with the basics.

You have to remember as well that if you have had time off at Christmas from work, you’re starting back at work so there is another change coming back in. So why not just stick to the basics, get January out the way and then come February, once you have the basics in the bag, then you can’t start doing more advanced stuff.