You Don’t Have To eat rabbit Food To Get Into Shape.

Too many people switch to eating rabbit food to get for and healthy. But is the really the best way?

Too many people, when they go on a weightless journey, think they have to eat nothing but rabbit food to lose the weight and get into shape. Harvey is a prime example of this! Before Harvey met us all he ate was rabbit food, as rabbits do! Lacking in energy, no real power behind his workouts and just generally overweight.

So we thought we would get him into ship shape condition getting him to eat real wholesome food, trimming down the pounds and getting him stronger, faster and fitter.

We all have to remember that calories are important, the more calories you have in your diet, the more energy you will have. Obviously too much can cause you to become over weight, you just have to get that sweet spot. Too little you have no energy, too much and you become overweight. If you hot that sweet spot of calories then you will have bags of energy for your workouts, bags of energy throughout the day and you will just feel much, much better.

If you’re only eating lettuce and carrots, you’re not going to hit those calorie targets.