Work Smarter Not Harder!

Its time for another mindset Monday! Work smarter, not harder! Sometimes to achieve more you don’t necessarily have to do more things, you just have to do the right things. Doing more is not always the answer, but being smarter is! As always, we bring this serious message wrapped in our usual humour! Enjoy!

So work smarter not harder! What we mean by that is, we are using the example of weight loss, sometimes if you are following a particular routine and you are getting a certain level of results. Then, all of a sudden you feel like you want more results. Rather than trying to do things in a more intelligent way, you suddenly decide that more is better.

The prime example if this, now we have been personal trainers for over 15 years now, is the people that go running. They don’t really know what else to do but they know running got results for them. When you go from a 0 to a 5k pace, your body adapts and will then lose weight. So because people don’t really know what else to do, they then just run further, but you then get to that level where you are just running and running. Ultimately more is not necessarily better, people work really hard and actually break their body and really they need to be a little bit smarter about it.

Especially when it comes down to fitness, when you start doing more exercise, you need to be smart with it because injuries can and will occur the more you do. The more you train, likely the less rest you are going to have between sessions. When we were doing the strong man training, we spent 45 minutes warming up just our shoulders! Cherry, the strong man trainer, realised that injuries were setting him so much, so for him to train smarter he put more time into his warm up rather than trying to train more!

Its easy to see people working in the gym who are working hard, but so many people go in about it the wrong way! So by training a little bit smarter, looking at your warm ups but also your workouts too, think what is going to challenge my body here? You don’t have to absolutely kill yourself on every single session. Its all about gradual build up, progressive overload. Just the tiniest little bit of increment each time you go, training different angles, different tempos of exercises, different forms of cardio will always challenge your body and keep you injury free.