Winners Mindset

Winners Mindset…

Winners mindset. When it comes to success you should consider one simple principle of human psychology. Success breeds more success, failure breeds more failure. Take your successes where you can.

So after reading Dr Jordon Peterson’s book, “12 roles for life” and the very first chapter he talks about lobsters.  In fact, a lot of his fans call themselves lobsters because of the analogy that he uses.  Basically lobsters share similar make up to the brain as humans do, in the way that their neuro-pathways work.  Now, the way that lobsters work is that, if a lobster comes into confrontation and wins in that situation, even if it is a square off or an actual conflict, the winning lobsters brain releases more serotonin.  What that does is it then increases a reflex action that enables the lobster to rear up higher!  So basically if a lobster wins a confrontation it is more likely to win again.

This is very similar to humans.  So when we succeed in any aspect of life, you are more likely to succeed again.  It creates this mindset of success.  Success breeds more success but failure breeds failure!  So in the case of the lobster, the lobster that looses the confrontation, it is more likely to lose again because of the release of the opposite hormone.  Basically making them more feeble and more likely to go away and hide.  So again, the lobster that loses is more likely to lose again,

If you think about, and just about everyone can relate to this, if you have failed at something it can physically change your posture.  You feel very down in the dumps and your shoulders may slump over.  Then after that you are ore negative about situations and then breeds more failure.


An example that was given years ago, if you are ever in doubt abut anything, stand up tall and get your head up, shoulders back with a smile on your face and then think about your problem.  You will instantly feel better!

You do have to consciously think about these things.  When you fail at something you will naturally be slumped over and feel more negative about future events.

One of our clan members had commented that they felt defeated as the scales hadn’t moved!  So, what we are trying to say here is that you need to try and pick a win from any situations. After speaking with the clan member, it turned out that her clothes sizes were smaller and her muscles were feeling firmer.  Therefore, those are 2 massive wins!! However, in her head she had lost as the scales hadn’t moved.

By putting all your success or failure just on what the scales read, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Remember to set yourself up for success!


So you either win in the situation or if you don’t win, you need to take the wins from the situation!