William Wallace Mindset.

William Wallace Mindset…

We all have goals, dreams, ambitions, virtues, standards and beliefs but all too often we don’t love up to them.  Often due to opposition, resistance or simple negative thoughts in ur heads.  Stand up for what you believe in like William Wallace.

So you may or may not know that we have an online fitness membership with client form all over the world.  Its a really cool community and we call it the clan!  Whenever one of our clan members finds themselves in Perth, Scotland, we like to go and meet them and spend the day together.  Today is one of those days!

Been up to the top of the Wallace Monument and will give you a mindset that you can apply yourself, all based on William Wallace, most people watching this would probably have heard of him.  If not, basically William Wallace defied the odds, fought against a dominant English force many times, ultimately lead to the independence of Scotland from the English.

The Mindset…

So this mindset is all about defying all odds to achieve your goals because ultimately that is what William Wallace did. Everything was against him but he stuck to what he believed in, got is head stuck down and got the job done.  People could argue that its quality versus quantity, unfortunately for William Wallace the English had the quality of the soldiers and the cavalry.  They also had the quantity.  What they didn’t have was William Wallace’s drive and his beliefs systems.  He was willing and did die for his country.

We aren’t asking you to die for anybody but you want to be thinking about these principles yourself and think, what do I believe in and what do I want for myself?  What you want from your career, your family and your life?  Ask yourself what you are willing to do to ensure your success.

What things are standing in the way that might seem like barriers, like insurmountable barriers.  What barriers can you breakdown like what William Wallace broke down.  He went against the odds and won!  Often we think about the things that we want, the things that you are desiring.  Then you make excuses or things that will seem like rational excuses.  If William Wallace had made these excuses, we might be stood in England right now!!  And we are not because he stood up for what he believed!

Stad up for what you believe in, defy all the odds!!