This weeks round up for The Kilted Coaches

This weeks roundup for The Kilted Coaches

First of all, as we all know The Kilted Coaches bring you a weekly Mindset Monday video, this weeks episode is all about energy vampires.  We’ve all experienced energy vampires but unfortunately sometimes you don’t even realise what’s happening until it’s too late. The type of person that talks AT you rather than WITH you. The type of person that after just a brief encounter can leave you drained of energy.  See the video below to get The Kilted Coaches insight on energy vampires.


Next up from The Kilted Coaches…

For The Kilted Coaches second video release this week, they talk about the 3 biggest weight loss mistakes. If you are trying to lose weight be sure that you do not fall in these common traps. Follow The Kilted Coaches simple but super effective tips for maximising your results and being rewarded for your efforts. If you feel you need a helping hand with your weight loss goals, follow the link below

Last but not least…

The Kilted Coaches have recently launched a patron page which allows you to support them and in return, depending on which level you subscribe to, you get different benefits.  For example you receive, behind the scenes footage, spot the scot, a monthly calendar, a new weekly ‘crack on’ video and the latest addition the beer tier.  This level of subscription is a bespoke video answering anyones questions that is patron of that level. this week The Kilted Coaches discussed in depth a patrons question about testosterone replacement therapy.  If you would like to support The Kilted Coaches and receive all these benefits then please follow the link below.