This weeks round up with The Kilted Coaches

What have the Coaches been up to this week…


For this weeks Mindset Monday, the coaches bring you their insight on changing your situation to improve your happiness.  There are times in our life when we will experience some unhappiness and it is during these times that we are truly tested. Whilst watching the movie Castaway, the coaches discovered many underlying themes regarding changing your environment to improve your happiness.



Want to be able to do a pull up??


Learn how to do your first pull up OR learn how to add more to your current record – either way, the tips in this video will help you get stronger.  Good Luck!!



What can you find on patron this week…

Want to see the very first video the coaches made for the launch of their channel? Plenty more behind the sense to see, a new spot the scot and their usual shenanigans!

Head over to to see for yourself!!