Weekly round up for the kilted coaches

Weekly Round Up for the Kilted Coaches…

How To Balance Your Life…

Some people are very physical, some are more spiritual, then you have your thinkers, the very logical people and you even have those who are financially focussed. It’s important in life to be mindful of the way you are and always aim to balance out your life.

You are not a snowflake…

In terms of diet, you are NOT a unique snowflake! Some people sign up to a weight loss programme but decide they will only apply a few of the principles to their own on the basis that THEY are unique and the normal rules don’t apply. NOT TRUE! The very principles of weight apply to EVERYONE, including water intake, protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. If you sign up to a plan make sure you STICK TO THE DAMN PLAN!

How to lose fat fast!

This is a common question we get asked all the time so here we showcase a real fat burning workout that will stress the muscles into tearing up calories. Ideal if you’ve just returned from a lazy holiday. Please consult your doctor before attempting any of these routines to ensure they are suitable for you.

Diet or Exercise – What’s more important for weight loss? (What the FAQ!?) we get asked this question all the time as to some people it is very important, but we explain here the REAL truth to the solution.

You’ve Been Coached Episode 6 and this weeks episode is all about progress and seeing how far each of our participants have come since the start. lets see what they can do with the next 6 weeks 🙂