Weekly Low Down Of The Kilted Coaches

Weekly Low Down Of The Kilted Coaches.

First up for this weeks Mindset Monday, the Coached gave you a lesson on decluttering your life.

Declutter your life – Are you a hoarder? Clutter in your environment will clutter your mind. The more ‘stuff’ we have the more our minds have to focus on and when you try to focus on everything you focus on nothing. Our advice is to minimise the ‘stuff’ you have and focus on what is actually important.

Next up…

On Wednesday the Coaches brought you a lesson on letting your body recover.

Let them Grow – Prioritise your recovery. Are you over training? Always remember that training does not make you fit…. the recovery makes you fit. Be sure that you are taking the time to recover from your training focussing on your nutrition and sleep. If you want bigger stronger muscles you have to ‘let them grow’.

What The FAQ???

Just what are the best supplements for weight loss? we get asked this question all the time and we answer it in this very video.